Flashpoint:Central Front--Battle for Nurnburg and Munchen Turn Four and Five Complete

This entry recaps two turns (GT 4 and 5, since I'm using the accelerated reinforcement schedule this places the GT 8 WP forces on map while GT6 NATO forces have entered) since my last posting. The situation map depicts the current front line trace of the battle, along with the basic areas that major formations are operating in. The bright pink line is the border with CZ and EG.

Using the WP army level unit area as a guide the situation on the front breaks down as follows:

3 Army [EG] AO. NATO is using the newly arrived US 3 Bde 8th ID and the WG 12Pz Div to protect an Arc from Schweinfurt to where the Main and Regnitz Rivers join. The 4 MRD[EG] is in a holding operations opposite these forces. The 11 MRD [EG] and 7 TK [EG] are trying to open a penetration against the roughly handled 3 ID [US] (3ID has taken 1 AR, 2 IN, 2 FA and 1 Cav Bn's destroyed and several more on map BN's in Broken or Cadre status). The Soviet 13 Army [15 MRD on GT5) is arriving on North edge of the 7 Corps map, I gave it a 50-50 chance of appearing in this playing, since the combined rules had it entering in either the 5 Corps or 7 Corps maps. The Soviets made the roll. Approximately one Div a turn will move into the 3 Army [EG] AO and will be used to exploit any rupture in the line and exit the Western map edge.

GSFG AO. 6 GTD has penetrated the line at the seam of the Remnents of 2 ACR and 1 AD. The seam has been opened and GSFG will use 51TD to exploit and link up with 103rd GAbD that sets just outside Nurnberg. This is a fairly serious gap. Elements of 1AD [US] that have tried to plug it have been hit with significant losses. The place to watch the next two turns. Warsaw Pact EW has been fairly effective in this AO and in 1 Army's [CZ] AO, with 1 AD [US] and 7 Corps [US] having been kept in HQ Disrupted status on both turns.

1 Army [CZ] AO. 19 MRD [CZ] has penetrated 1 AD [US] lines and moved to within 10k of Nurnberg. Of the other 3 divisions in 1 Army two are undergoing reorganization and one is holding various 1 AD [US] units static.

4 Army [CZ] AO. Slow progress against 4 Pz Div. The army currently has 4 Pz Div fixed in place, at TQ level 1, which prevents almost all 4 Pz Div withdraw options. 4 Pz Div has taken a total of 3 IN and 2 AR bn's as losses.

5 GTA AO. 22 TD has penetrated to the outskirts of Regensberg. The three lead Rgt's however have each been reduced by one step, limiting any further offensive operations. 8GTD has pushed across the Donau River during an assault river crossing. They have moved further 5k to form a small bridgehead. The 29TD is moving into position to exploit the crossing on or about GT 7. 10 Pz Div has moved into position to block this move, with about 80% of their forces in position. The 1 GbJgr division has the southern portion of the bridgehead line.

CGF AO. 15 GTD has crossed the Donau River, on the left flank of 5GTA 8GTD, and formed a bridgehead approximately 10-13k deep. 1GMRD is immediately behind 15GTD and in excellent position to exploit over the next two GT. 48MRD will attempt to hold 1GbJgr in position while 31TD is still a GT or two away from moving into contact. 1GbJgr is attempting to hold the southern portion of the Donau crossing while maintaining the line along the southern portion of the Donau River.

II French Corp is committing in the direction of Nurnberg, attempting to reduce and destroy the 103GAB that is just north and west of the city. 3 and 5 Armor divisions have moved into 7 Corps sector. They will be able to initiate offensive operations on GT 7 or so.

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