Forlorn Hope - OPS 1 using the additional solitaire rules by FRED22 of BGG

After playing one of the Specific solitaire OPS (Texas Hold'em) and finding it very easy for the Marines to win, I decided the next game would be the first OPS game for 2 players, but playing it using Fred22's additional solitaire rules. His rules give more bite to the Xeno's as it includes the use of the Mutation Cards, Corpse Eating and Xeno Rush.

So, OPS 1 is a mission for the Marines to board the Hope, and retrieve the logs on the MCGFN computer and make a quick exit - in other words I have to pick up the MCGFN counter in the centre of the board and escape with it out of the airlock on the other side of the board. This has to be done within 7 turns.

I start the game with 1 Sgt, 1 Gunner and 2 Privates. The Sgt is the only unit which gives me any bonus Action Points, which is added to the highest of 2 dice rolls at the start of each turn, which could limit the progress of my squad.

Turn 1 went well with 7 Action Points. Marines moved off and dispatched a couple of Xeno quickly. But at the end of the turn, the Xeno's spawned 5 new drones - not good.

Turn 2 went ok 7 Action Points. My Marines only manage to move a short distance and are getting bogged down defending themselves against a flurry of Xeno attacks. Luckily all my Marines survive. Xeno's spawned another 5 drones - adding to the other 3 still remaining.

Turn 3 went not so good 5 Action Points. Managed to move on a bit more, though the lack of action points limited my attacking options.Persistant Xeno attacks paid off and I lost a Private. Xeno's spawn another 5 drones.......

Turn 4 went really Bad with 5 Action Points.Deciding whether to use Action Points to move or to attack is tough with limited AP, but I decided to move my SGT with reach of the MCGFN counter while the other 2 marines attack and try and hold off the Xeno attacks. Sheer weight of numbers took a heavy toll, as the Xeno's killed the Gunner and the other Private, leaving only my Sgt left. 4 Xeno's spawned, with quite a few left on the board. looks like my Sgt is doomed!!!

Turn 5. Well, call it a twist of fate, luck, but my Sgt got 6 AP this turn. He had to use 1 AP to kill a Xeno which was adjacent to him before he could move, and as luck would have it, he was awarded a surge counter, which gives him 1 more AP for free in that turn - which put him back up to 6 AP. This proved crucial, as my marine made a dash and picked up the MCGFN counter (5 AP left). he had to attack and kill a Xeno which was blocking his path to the Airlock (4 AP left) then he made another run to the security door which leads to the airlock (3 AP left).

This is where is got so sweet. It takes 1 AP to open a security door, (2 AP left), used another AP to move the Sgt passed the Security door (1 AP left) and I used the last AP to close the door. Xeno's cannot open security doors, and since my Sgt is now adjacent to the Airlock with no chance of any Xeno attack, success was assured!

I have to admit...this was a blast to play. Hectic, tense and exciting, and with playing time for this game at just over an hour, a brilliant time filler. Once I get more accustomed to the rules, the playing time will lessen.

It is worth a play, especially using Fred22 additional solitaire rules if your playing it solo.

I will be back on this again tonight.

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Comment by Roger Morley on February 24, 2012 at 11:04am

It does.

They have 2 solo scenarios with additional rules for them and 4 2 player scenarios, where you can play both sides.

In this game I played, I used one of the 2 player scenarios using the solo rules + the extra solo rules I found on BGG and it works really well.

They do plan on an expansion of this game, and being the type of game it is, the number of expansion could be limitless! 

Comment by Joaquim Oliveira on February 24, 2012 at 10:47am
Great AAR , I am thinking about getting this game , it looks like it plays well solo.

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