This is my first time. Please be gentle. I've never done a video blog before. I'm not even sure if this is a video blog. I do, however, promise that it isn't a 30 minute drone-a-thon, something that seems to be in vogue in gaming circles right now. Nor a recanting of my battle with serious depression. Something else that seems to be popular. I'm too stupid to be depressed.

Wait, I'm sorry, you in the back. Brooding woman in the hoodie and jeans. What did you say? Oh, I see. You come here because you read World at War: Revelation? You really liked the character in Elevator? You don't understand or effing care about Germans, Russians, or their butchering of each other? Yeah, I understand. Well, that's sort of the dilemma of my life. I design games, I publish games, and I write stuff. It's a happy dilemma; I like doing it all, and tomorrow I'll have a new installment of Friday Fiction just for you, creepy dark woman in hoodie and jeans. 

But for now, Into the Pocket: The TV Show. Into the Pocket is a game depicting the Germans desperate attempt to relieve their brethren trapped in the Stalingrad pocket in the winter of 1942. The units represent battalions, regiments, and brigades. There is air and artillery support, and chrome including armor bonuses, formation benefits,  and negation of armor bonuses by anti-tank battalions. Each side gets a chance to move, attack, and exploit, although the order of phases is different for both sides. During exploitation mechanized formations can execute overrun attacks. Let's get to it.

My set up. The start of this one is a little odd. I reference being "back." But it's the first video. Whatever.

This is the German's first turn and they lay into the Russians, but in a non-threatening, cardboard kind of way. Not sure why I'm whispering. I don't think World War II is a secret or anything.

The beginning of the fourth turn in this twelve turn game. I've cleverly left the office fan on, so my words are slightly muddled. The Germans are making good progress.

Okay, turn six. The video shows the Germans moving on, the Russian Guards approaching, and my overuse of the words, "pretty" and "cool". Especially "pretty."

Turn eight. This is as far as the Germans got. There is a crushing amount of red pouring in from the north. Surprisingly, when I retreated south with the gray divisions, they were able to keep the Russian swarm from overwhelming them and pulled out a draw, which was better than their flesh and blood counterparts achieved

Bottom line? I really enjoy the game. It's a great way to scratch that operational itch without a large expenditure of time. Of course I'm prejudiced or at least a capitalist pig. Into the Pocket releases as the game in Yaah! Magazine issue #3 in August. You can click right here to be immediately transported to a page where you can find out more and, if so inclined, pre-order, saving yourself 20% off the retail price. 


Mark H. Walker served 23 years in the United States Navy, most of them as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal diver. He is the owner of Flying Pig Games, the designer of the aliens-invade-Earth game Night of Man, the author of World at War: Revelation, a creepy, military action, with a love story, alternate history, World War Three novel thing, as well as Desert Moon, an exciting mecha, military science fiction novel with a twist, with plenty of damn science fiction in it despite what any reviewer says, Everyone Dies in the End, and numerous short stories. All the books and stories are available from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing right here. Give them a try. I mean, what the hell? The games? Well that's Flying Pig Games. Retribution the sequel to World at War: Revelation, will release in the summer of 2015.


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Comment by Eric Walters on September 19, 2015 at 1:09pm

Got it in the mail! Am going to break this out and give it a go!

Comment by Mark H. Walker on July 19, 2015 at 6:08am

Thanks, Eric. I think it's a fun little game. I hope you enjoy it. We'll ship Yaah! #3 in mid-August. I estimate around the 20th.

Comment by Eric Walters on July 18, 2015 at 10:42am

Not that many games dedicated to this particular topic--think 2007 saw WINTERGEWITTER (LPS/ATO) and we're still waiting for 57TH PANZER KORPS from Pacific Rim.  This looks fast and fun to play.  Already pre-ordered YAAH! #3; but then again I'm a sucker for anything East Front!

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