In preparation for the invasion the American 4th Infantry Division is given orders that they will be part of the lead units for the invasion of France. The divisional command has started the planning for the invasion by looking over the intelligence on the beaches that they will land on. They are on the beach code named Utah. Sketching intelligence puts a German infantry battalion holding the beach area that they are tasked with. They can expect some sort of supporting units but as of the report, there exact composition is unknown. They can expect supporting artillery positioned at the beach as well as inland. Paratroops will try to silence them before the landing. On the beach they are several positional defenses of bunkers and minefields. Extra machine guns will probably command the beach with the artillery support.

As for naval support, the 4th Infantry Division can expect good support fire from ships off shore. The exact designations of fire have not been worked out, but getting your request in early can possibly get better support for the assault. Naval 3" and 5" guns should be regularly available, but bigger cruiser and battleship guns will be available from time to time. Airpower is available but will need to be scheduled early and expected to be in high demand during the initial assault. Possibly one attack per hour is expect.

The Ivy's command looks over the intell and would like to have more, but will use what they have. They look to designate the three battalions of the 8th regiment to take the lead on the assault. A company of special DD tanks will accompany the battalions to deal with the fortifications as well as any armor that maybe just inland. Command has opted for more naval support and requested for a dedicated destroyer to provide support fire. Airpower will be available but only once per hour. The 8th's senior leadership will land once the beaches are secure to take local command of the battle.

Command issues orders to the regiment and prepares to load on the invasion ships, first stop Utah Beach in France.

Game Note - This has used most but not all of the divisions resources for the month, but there are some left for a possible exploitation phase, if they are luckly enough to win quickly.

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Comment by Mark Sanchez on July 31, 2012 at 7:35pm

Thank you for incorporating Air Power into the scenario.  You may know of Gen Hap Arnold's staff debating with Ike and the ground commanders about the role of strategic bombardment and interdiction to support operations on the beaches.  Yes, I am an Air Force type and I look over rules books, especially miniatures rules, and avoid WW II scenarios that simply line up the tanks for 40K-style gunfights.  The weather wasn't always crappy over Europe, to include Patton's weather prayer so that the Jabos could break the Bastogne encirclement.  Airland Battle:  pooh pooh!

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