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I am looking for wargamers in my local area (Burke VA) and am sending notes to a few people who appear close on CONSIM.

I used to play wargames a lot in the glory days of SPI-Avalon Hill… but work and family forced me to put further playing off for a few decades (57 years old now).  I am looking for two things.

   -  I teach at the Marine Corps War College and I plan to use a few games in the classroom.  I need some folks who will help explain some of the new games that I am not yet familiar with (Polis, For the People, Washington’s War, Fire in the Lake, Churchill, and a few others)

   -  Persons interested in getting together on a regular or semi-regular basis for friendly games.

 It would be great to link up with folks who would also enjoy having a football game on in the background (once in awhile) .

If anyone is part of a regular group and is looking for a new member (I will bring cupcakes) please let me know.  Also, if anyone is interested in forming a group (rotating play between homes) I am also interested.

I can be contacted at jimlacey1@msn.com

Thank you for your time and attention.


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Comment by Eric Walters on July 17, 2015 at 10:10pm

Let me know what monsters you have played or want to play--a weekend game is in the realm of possibilities!


Comment by Jim Lacey on July 17, 2015 at 9:28pm

Well... if you are ever playing a monster game for a weekend... I might drive down and get a room  :-)

Are you using the game on Mindinao developed by Leavenworth for CGSC... if so... please drop me a note at jimlacey1@msn.com

I will give "James" your best... he is not going to have a lot of free time in his new job.  

Comment by Eric Walters on July 17, 2015 at 6:43pm


I'm a little too far to the south (outside Richmond); otherwise I would love to participate in this (am working with Fort Leavenworth wargamers to do games for U.S. Army Command and General Staff electives for the satellite campuses (mine is Fort Lee).  

My hellos to James Anderson--I know he's now taken Jerre Wilson's job since the latter's retirement.  He was one of my lieutenants in 2nd MarDiv G2 Operations in the mid-1980s.  And Chris Stowe and I were colleagues down here before he moved up there. 

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