MMP's WINTER OFFENSIVE 2010 Tourney-Fest, Bowie, MD

For those inclined towards ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER and other Multi-Man Publishing (MMP) titles, this is the wargaming event to be at. While starting at 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, it's hit full swing on Friday at the Comfort Inn right off the Route 301/Route 3 Exit of Route 50 in Bowie, MD.

MMP saves its fancy graphics for its games, not its tournaments!

Format is much like past WINTER OFFENSIVE events; there are a number of mini-tournaments but the key attraction is the "MAIN EVENT," which is ASL focused.

Will and Sean duke it out in the Pacific!

Carl Gruber (in Marine wooly-pully sweater) and friends hunched over Operational Combat Series game, BURMA

MMP thinks Bill Cirillo's HASL, FORTRESS BUDAPEST, may see the light of day in 2010; a mini-tourney using his scenarios is in progress and those lovely maps sure invite people to play them!


"A Gentleman Fights To the Finish!" One of DAK 2's smaller scenarios!

Starting the International Game Series title, A MOST DANGEROUS TIME: JAPAN IN CHAOS, 1570-1584

The man behind FORTRESS BUDAPEST--Bill Cirillo (sitting)

Okay, who's got the coolest ASL dice tower? Huh?

The MAIN EVENT is an unstructured, round-robin format; opponents mutually agree on the ASL scenario to be played. Participants can only play the same scenario once and need to play at least five to qualify. Usually, more matches than 5 are needed towin.

The "official" scenario set for WINTER OFFENSIVE comprises the entire group found in the newly release ASL JOURNAL #8 which is available for sale. Also available are the WO BONUS PACK scenarios--you get map 59 and two scenarios (WO1 "French Toast and Bacon," a Battle of the Bulge scenario, and WO2 "Failure To Communicate," a France 1940 scenario around Rommel's 7th Panzer Division Dinant Bridgehead. Additionally, the "bonus" scenario pack #1 for ASLSK #1 is also available; entitled BEYOND THE BEACHES you get hedge rules, a new board featuring a village and hedges, and three scenarios. In ASLSK#1 style, these are short, low counter density, quick playing situations. S41 "Sink's Encouragement" recreate the American paratroopers hopes for an artillery prep to help them overcome being outnumbered in attacking buildings held by the German 91st Luftlande Division (and these guys have LOTS of smoke grenades!). S42 "One More Hedgerow" where a depleted company of paras attack into a small but but well-armed (HMG, MMG, and two LMGs) that are hidden at start. S43 "Clearing Carentan" exhibits yet another para attack, this time against an elite platoon of German infantry reinforced--but the Amis have a 10-2 leader and a demo-charge! But, the Germans can set up part of their force hidden and can call upon artillery missions! -

If you like MMP games, you owe it to yourself to check this out if you are in the Washington DC-Baltimore area!

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Comment by Stephen G on January 15, 2010 at 8:56pm
Those Dice Towers are really neat!

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