Today I thought I'd share some more information on Night of Man's second alien race, the Feroxi. Read on.

They were ancient enemies, their war dating back to their early days of intergalactic travel. Two species as different as Ptah and Heka, technology and magic, individuality and collectivism, destined to fight. The Sons of Ra paid lip service to the spiritual, the descendants of the Great Mother lived their spirituality. And so they fought, across the galaxies. On hot, steamy planets that suited The Descendants well or on temperate rocks that the Sons of Ra wished to dominate. It made no difference. If one discovered the other, they fought. And so it was in the system of the Sol, on the blue planet, third from the bright, yellow star. On the northern continent they first clashed, in the western desert, near a small habitation the natives called El Cajon.
It was there the Sons of Ra, whom the natives named Killers, first encounters encountered their ancient enemy, The Descendants, known to the Militia as Feroxi. The battle for the blue planet was about to change.

The Feroxi are a reptilian race, yet not. Perhaps they have a closer connection to dinosaurs and the ancient Blue Planet's beasts' tenuous reptilian/avian link. Each Feroxi is as intelligent as a human or Killer, yet their culture is not about the individual, but rather the collective, a collective that supports each other for the greater good of the race. From youth the Feroxi are taught that battle honor, sacrifice for the collective, and the expansion of the mind are the greatest endeavors.

The race understands technology and employs advanced metallurgic, chemical, and electronic science in its spacecraft. They prefer, however, to fight with their minds, hearts, and close range weapons when possible, teleporting across the battlefield or imploring their powerful Shamans to bring their enemies to them. Their powerful Disrupter Rifles can stun adversaries or scramble their vehicle’s electronics, rendering them useless. The necrotic shells spewed from their Warrior’s Venom Guns penetrate even the toughest armor, and eat the flesh below, killing the target.

Unlike their enemies, the Sons of Ra (Killers) or the Blue Planet’s humans, three distinct branches of the Feroxi evolved on their home planet . The first, which the humans call Warriors, are fast and lean, capable of running on all fours or standing and fighting like a biped. They carry Venom Guns and wrist swords. Warriors often mount Equitox, brutish beasts of war, to charge their adversaries, trampling them under the animal’s hooves. Shamans are trained from the most intelligent of this branch of the species.

The Aerotiles were birthed in the Feroxi home-world's southern mountains. Although capable of bipedal locomotion, Aerotiles evolved to soar above the ground, riding the wind’s currents or providing their own lift with massive, skin-membraned wings. Their weapon of choice is the Disrupter Rifle.

What the humans call Kaiju are the highest form of Feroxi evolution. These huge, 50-meter tall Feroxi are worshipped as demi-gods and a select few birth all other Feroxi. Together, the Warriors, Shamans, and Aerotiles, supported by their demi-god Kaiju, make up the Feroxi battle class, and fight against both Killers and Militia alike.

"Cool stuff," you say, "but where's my freaking game?" To that I can only answer, "Soon." We had a complete, awesome prototype at the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster at the start of the month. Since then we have been concentrating on tweaking, and putting the finishing touches on the expansions and extras we promised on Kickstarter. I've been saying for a couple of weeks "this week, this week," and I'm not sorry for that. We are so close that I DO believe every week will be the week we deliver the print files to the printer. It'll only be a matter of days until the game is in production. If you are new to the system, you can learn more here.

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