I am currently recovering from the latest hip replacement (BOTH are now steel/polymer/porcelin contraptions). And I have to do the PT -on my own; HA! It's a good thing that I was an NCO, otherwise that would never happen- and just simply ....heal ? recover?... but even now, the VA and I are talking about which knee would I like


                Wargames come into their own, at times like this.  As bad and as weird as it feels to have a major part of my body now completely mechanical -Yes, I can actually FEEL that fact- it is a good thing that I can pick up a wargame and ....well, not "lose' myself, but...be able to Enjoy my time.


  As it is now, I get to stop taking the blood thinner, I get to not worry about crossing my legs, I can begin to cut back on all sorts of prescriptions that cause all sorts of mayhem and havoc to me, and I am trying to walk WITHOUT a cane -for the first time since 1994.


           not bad. so far. Still another 4-6 weeks to go.....

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Comment by Daniel Red Cloud Brown on May 16, 2012 at 5:47am

Hi Kev !  I am 48 yrs old....which, while good to be 'young', as far as the replacement surgeries go, it is far too early to be having it done. I hated PT in the Army and I dislike it now (even more so since the surgery took ALOT out of me: 20 leg-lifts and I feel like I ran 5 miles ! )

. I'm going to have to try and find the NEOGENIS-NEO 40. Several people have told me to find a good vitamin supplement (the ones I'm taking now are simple 'generics' ). That and I'm told to drink more milk, or even "Ensure". But, it's nice to sleep thru the night, again.

Comment by Kev on May 14, 2012 at 4:01pm

stick with it. I dont know you or how old you are, but I take a vitamin/supplement thing that helps with circulation and healing: NEOGENIS - NEO 40. Best product I have used for all sorts of ailment.  In any case stick to that PT! and good luck.

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