This was my second PanzerBlitz Hill of Death scenario. This one has a relatively small area of operations, but has a good number of units. The British must secure greater than 4 of the towns in the area of operations. They own two already. They must capture at least three more. The Germans have fortified the towns and have a Panzer IV company coming in as reinforcements. The Brits have plenty of infantry and Churchill VII tanks. This will be a tough nut to crack for the British.

Here is my setup:

I have circles the hexes the British must take to secure the towns.

By the end of Turn 1, the British have moved forward and begin assaulting Les Dauns on the far left. This is a small one hex town, but don't let that fool you. It has the DRM protection of a town as well as the improved position. It is also guarded by the PAK 75 on the ridge above it.

My plan is to roll up the left side while punching up the middle to begin the capture of Eterville. The British will have to mass combat power at selective points to eliminate the Germans and take the towns.

During Turn 2, the British have applied serious pressure on the entire German line, and have been pounding Les Dauns. The Germans are still holding strong on the left flank. However, the German reinforcement chit was pulled last, so the Panzer IV company was not able to come on during turn 2. Bad luck for the SS.

On turn 3, the Panzer IVs came on as the first chit pull, but were fairly ineffective in dealing any real damage to the British. The British were able to take out the PAK on the ridge, but repeated CAT attacks have failed to dislodge the defenders from Les Dauns.

After repeated CAT attacks, the British finally take Les Dauns. Their timetable has been slowed thus far, but their progress continues. The left side has begun to crack. Next objective are the ruins while applying pressure to Eterville. The improved position in the middle has been a thorn in the side of the Brits as a German heavy weapons platoon has been keeping the Bren carriers at bay with substantial AT fire.

On Turn 5, the Brits eliminated one of the SdKfz 250s on on the left side of the Eterville. They have also nearly captured the ruins. The Panzer IV company has disrupted a several Churchill platoons, but no real lasting damage.

On turn 6, the British have finally cleared the ruins, and need one more town to secure victory. Repeated CAT attacks on Eterville have yielded very little results. Now the problem will be for the Brits to quickly regroup and move out towards Eterville. Maybe the Brits should have chosen a double envelopment in which they tried to capture Les Dauns, the ruins, and L'intendance on the far right.

Turn six saw the Brits clear out the left side of the operations area and now they can concentrate on Eterville and L'intendance. Several Churchill platoons have made their way on the south side of the town, and are preparing to pound the daylights out of them. Armor cannot overrun units in a town, but they can definitely provide fire support as the infantry prepare for CAT attacks.

It's turn 8, and time is running out for the Brits. Some of the Germans in Eterville have counterattacked and eliminated a step or two of British infantry. The German improved position between Eterville and L'intendance is about to be overrun, which will provide leverage to attack either target.

On turn 9, repeated CAt attacks, artillery barrages, and air support have failed to dislodge the Germans from either town objective. Desperation attacks have yielded nothing.

Turn 10, and the Germans are still holding out. The germans in eterville are few, but still have refused to yield the town to the British. The Germans pull out a victory by denying the British the tow towns of Eterville and L'intendance.

I don't feel I was aggressive enough as the British, and probably should have split my forces and focused on taking the left flank two objectives while at the same time pushed hard to secure L'intendance on the far right. Taking these three towns would have given the British the victory for the scenario, and then allowed them to concentrate more firepower on Eterville. Great scenario!

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Comment by Gary Barr on April 28, 2012 at 5:20pm

Just got this game and tried first scn solo. Panzer Blitz it aint but I think its a decent game of itself. Not a fan of the map or the 'sectioning off' method for scns. Like the chit/ops pull method (like this in White Star Rising too) 

Comment by Brett W Avants on April 24, 2012 at 1:01pm
Hi Alan, yes, the new version has some differences compared to the original. Most units have two steps, a front side and a reduced back side. This new version is not quite as brutal, but stil can get ugly.
Comment by Alan Sutton on April 24, 2012 at 4:30am

I don't know this game, only the original PanzerBlitz and Panzer leader. It seems strange to hear you talking about step losses in a game called Panzer Blitz. How does that work? - inverted counters? strength sheets? The original games were very brutal. It's just dispersed or destroyed, that's it! Nice report, great photos and good commentary. Just the sort of thing I always want to do but never get round to...

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