Well, at least I have an firm date for my hip-replacement surgery: January 11, 2012. 

   Otherwise, life still sucks....


    No, actually, it doesnt. I am truly blessed by the friends that I have. Truly Blessed. When my life went south I was (and am) receiving such help and support- from all the friends that I somehow was fortunate to have made- that every day it still leaves me speechless   .The word" Great" doesnt even begin to describe it.


          I have been playing wargames. As my various friends stop by and visit, bringing new people to meet me (no, I havent figured THAT out yet. I am trying to understand why people want to meet me, but it does seem to be a 'thing' : "THIS is the guy I was telling you about" ) they see the game I have set up and "Oh, You have GOT to teach me how to play!" . Odd, but as I have always believed, the games, themselves, sell themselves. (Thank You Redmond A  Simonsen for your Graphics Brilliance).

           So, as far as it goes, I have had worse times, I cant complain, too much. With a firm surgery date, I have a definite time when I no longer will be in incessant pain. I dont look forward to the actual act of having my leg hacked off, then having myfemur sawed off, the lower part of the replacement hammered into the stump of my femur, having my pelvis sandblasted and grinded so that the 'socket' part of the replacement can be firmly epoxied into place, and then the whole thing sewn back into place, being in Intensive Care for a week, then a couple months of Physical Rehab/Assisted Care.


             I have, actually, done this all before. So, In a sense, I know what to expect. It still is highly unpleasant, though.


 But, with my friends, my old and new, it doesnt seem so bad. My doctors told me to "STOP WALKING!!!" at the beginning of the month...Only thds past Monday, did they decide NOT to go with a November 28th surgery date. Okay by me. Holidays in a Army Hospital REALLY sucks -(yes, I already played that rodeo -avoid it at all costs) I have numerous invitations for Thanksgiving, Same for Christmas. New Year=New Hip. New Life. Even talk of me being able-finally to get my Masters.


So,......like old times.......SNAFU

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