The Battle for Normandy Solo Campaign Game.

Hello all I hope you will enjoy this particular blog. It really is my first blog I am doing so please tell me what you think - truthfully I can take the bad criticism as well as the bad. But please be a little gently with the bad criticism I am after all a virgin at this.

As the tittle shows this will be a series of Blog Entries for my solo game of The Battle for Normandy (GMT). I will also try and compare this BfN with a couple of my other favorite Monster Games The Longest Day (Avalon Hill) and Atlantic Wall (SPI). In my estimation for their size and scope these three games are the Simulations I have come across for D-Day.

I have played The Longest Day several times both Face-2-Face and Solo. The Atlantic Wall I have not played as much and only Solo. As I said this is the first time playing of The Battle For Normandy.

Now I will not go into the quality of the printing and the color since there has been a fast explosion in Desk Top Publishing and Design. All three cover roughly the same area though there are very slight differences in scale. All three cover from the Cherbourg Peninsula to Vire and finally to Falaise and of course the beaches.

The scales are close with one kilometer for Atlantic Wall, 1270 yards for the Battle for Normandy, and two kilometers for Longest Day.
Time scale also vary with Longest Day having one turn equal a day. The Battle for Normandy has a morning turn, an afternoon turn (combine both equals from dawn to dusk), and an over night turn (lasting dusk to dawn). Atlantic Wall has three day time turns (AM, Midday, PM) of about 4 1/2 hours and one overnight turn to make up the rest of the 24 hour day. The units are Battalion/Regimental. With breakdown units or steps equaling companies. Each game also has some sort of representation for air and navel bombardment. All three games does the basics of Supply, Move, and Shoot.

What really separates the games is the June 6th Landing and the way each handles the abstractions (Not a good word but the best I can think of at the moment). Each has it merits and some flaws. So I would take a look at each carefully and decide which game appeals to you the most. For instance Longest Day has an off map moving card to represent the movement of German units and allows the allied player to interdict the Germans movement along the card.

So those are the real basics for the games the next post will be about setting up the Germans and why I did what little variation I did.



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Comment by Eric Walters on February 20, 2010 at 10:16am
Good question, David. I don't know why that was abstracted out. Can guess that during playtest, it just didn't seem to add much to the game. I remember the landing routines in ATLANTIC WALL--that game got quite involved and it seemed a bit too much for the scale of the game after the landings. Maybe the developer and playtesters wanted to avoid that. Guess we'll see how everybody feels about that.
Comment by David Lubin on February 20, 2010 at 1:29am

I meant geographically, not the battles fought... So when I said: "All three cover from the Cherbourg Peninsula to Vire and finally to Falaise and of course the beaches." I meant the geographic area.

Though I am curious why BFN does not seem to cover the initial air and navel bombing of the shore? I know in real life they did not help as much as they could with the landing, but that should determined by the Allied player and the dice
Comment by Eric Walters on February 19, 2010 at 8:35pm
Just to clear up any POSSIBLE confusion. The GMT game BATTLE FOR NORMANDY does NOT--I say again NOT--cover the Falaise Pocket battles. Nor does it cover the Mortain offensive by the Germans that preceded it. Just by looking at the above photo, it should be clear that Avranches isn't even covered by the map. Just want to clarify given the description above that "All three cover from the Cherbourg Peninsula to Vire and finally to Falaise and of course the beaches." The geography might but the time scale, scenario selection, and campaign game certainly do not with regard to Falaise--only THE LONGEST DAY does that. Not even ATLANTIC WALL does, although there are indications that Decision Games' second edition of that title may very well do so.
Comment by David Lubin on February 19, 2010 at 6:10pm
Mike you are right on that. The D-Day game from AH is a classic and I still use it to introduce people to gaming - it is an easy game, on a well known subject, and there are not to many pieces.
Comment by David Lubin on February 17, 2010 at 11:58am
Well BfN and LD both have maps that both just fit onto two 2 1/2 by 6 foot tables (they both kind of just fit with overhangs all around) LD also needs another small table for all the charts and unit off map movement. I remeber AW fit onto the two six foot tables a bit better, but I have not set up AW in a while
Comment by Joey Sabin on February 17, 2010 at 2:28am

First thing I noticed was the nice graphics on the map. As I recall AW was ok but TLD was as if a 10 year old had drawn the map. Did the entire map fit under your two table top sized Plexi sheets?
Comment by John Kranz on February 16, 2010 at 8:29pm
Looking forward to seeing how your game goes, David.

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