Time to think about summertime games.........

Well, lately my thoughts have been drifting towards summertime. I'll be spending eight weeks at the house in Fort Bragg (that's the one in California, folks). Many years ago Paper Wars ran a series of articles asking people which five games they would save if their house was on fire. OK, so this isn't as drastic, but what will I pack in the Rubbermade tub for the trip up north? I do have some friends up there who are gamers, although not wargamers, so I'll need a wide variety of games. I'm thinking I'll limit myself to ten games.
1. C&C Ancients (GMT). The ultimate "lite" wargame. Enough blocks and cards to satisfy the Euro-gamers in ol'FB.
2. Ogre/GEV (Meta) I can ALWAYS get someone (even my wife) to play this one.
3. Metamorphosis Alpha (TSR) Hey, there has to be at least one RPG for that crowd......... The original edition still holds up, and is Gygax approved! (See the book Hobby Games, the 100 best. Gygax cites it as his favorite game)
4. Cry Havoc game series (Std. Games). Medieval skirmish with a tons of support on-line. It includes outstanding graphics and the rules ate easy to explain to non-wargamers.
5. Squad Leader (AH). Original game; purple box. 'nuf said... Just for me so I can mull over some of the original scenarios.
6. DBA/HoTT (WRG) Miniature wargames that one can fight on a 2 x 2 board. I can always get the Braggers to push some lead.

Hey, what's this? There are still four more spaces left in the tub. Fellow gamers, I now ask for suggestions.... How about a little help?

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Comment by Dave Smith on February 24, 2010 at 10:35pm
John, you tempt me with the TTS suggestion......... Yes that and War in Europe and War Between the States.... IF I thought I could get someone to play a month-long campaign, I'd set them up. (The house has plenty of room due to the scarcity of furniture.
Comment by Dave Smith on February 24, 2010 at 10:32pm
Thanks for the suggestions, Guys. I forgot to add a SPI quad game to my list, so I'm going for the 30 Years War Quad, and I'll make it the DG version for the extra colors. Mike, you're right, I should probably bring my copy of CC:E as well.
Comment by Mike O'Brien on February 24, 2010 at 10:21pm
I would suggest in the non-wargame selections:
Arkham Horror:detailed very cool multi-player Cthulu themed game.
either Wizards or Who's the Ass: both good multi player card games, very simple and Who's the Ass can handle up to 13 players.
Pandemic: easy, non-wargame, players against the system game of curing diseases.
Swords over Camelot or Battlestar Galactica: Both are very similar games with people playing against the system and possibly one or two hidden traitors/Cylons.

For wargames:
I would suggest jumping up to Advanced Squad Leader or trying out the ASL Starter Kits. The kits are only around $20 and a good entry back into the system.
Red Dragon Rising: One of the recent Strategy and Tactics magazine games. Great game, lots of replay value.
Any of the Victory Point Games Napoleon 20 series: cheap, fun, easy to learn, lots of variation due to the cards
Lock and Loads World at War series including Eisenbach Gap
Combat Commander series: any of the series are great and have lots of replay value due to the card driven nature of the game.

Miniatures rules: I recommend Guns of Liberty, Warmaster Ancients,
Blitzkrieg Commander/Cold War Commander & Future War Commander.

Comment by John Kranz on February 24, 2010 at 4:45pm
Yikes, here is what I posted way back in 1996 under the Top 5 Favorite Games topic listed below.

My top 5 favorites, for today anyway, are: 1. Terrible Swift Sword (SPI) 2. Operation Typhoon (SPI) 3. Any GBACW series game (SPI) 4. Gamers CWB series 5. Yaquinto series - Thin Red Line, Great Redoubt, etc.

I actually think most of these choices would still hold true today, although I've played Typhoon a few more times since. I have to get back to Terrible Swift Sword sometime, however. I would also probably move up The Legend Begins for my North Africa WW2 fix. Too many bloody games to be played. Where is early retirement when you need it?
Comment by John Kranz on February 24, 2010 at 12:38pm
I don't know much about sci-fi games but I recognize the titles you mention as being popular. It sounds like you have your gaming interests covered between miniatures and older, classic games. Sounds like you have HexWar to enjoy SPI quad games, so you are covered there. Check out this thread for some ideas:


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