Why I am moving back towards H&C....... and this weekend's exploits

OK, so first blog post, expect poor organisation as I blurt out stuff to introduce myself and what I've been doing, forget what I was saying and go in a random direction to talk about something totally different.......... *cough* where was I?

Who be me???? Me be English geezer, fairly old, living in tropical Malaysia teaching the local youth how to be Engineers and Managers, and constantly hurling abuse at the local drivers.........

Someone put a forum post on BGG today asking "Why Wargames?".......

My simple answers:

- I'm getting fed up painting tons of miniatures, and then only using them a few times before the next game/period/ruleset comes along and I need to paint up another mountain of lead.......

- I usually don't wanna swap sheep for wood, compete to see who grows the most crops, builds the most structures or transports the most wooden cubes around a board...... though once in a while it is acceptable.............................. I really just wanna roll dice, make gun noises and blow stuff up!!!!

Its been a while since I played/bought any hex & counter wargames.... my usual drug of choice being miniature/tabletop gaming (Malifaux, Rules of Engagement, Dark Age, Infinity etc). However, for the reasons given above I am making a shift back towards H&C (though heaven forbid that I give up on the miniatures, good grief no!!!) and looking to expand my collection of sexy boxes with tonnes of card bitz inside.

Currently, as far as non-miniature wargames go, I have Memoir 44 (does this count? LOL), Lock n Load Forgotten Heroes 1st Ed (plus Anzac), Paths of Glory, Bomb Alley, Burning Blue, Whistling Death, Pax Romana.

A week or so ago I picked up the PnP version of Corps Command: Totensonntag, and have ordered (waiting not-very-patiently for) Combat Commander: Pacific, Fighting Formations: GD, and World at War: Blood & Bridges. I'm hoping that these, along with my current stock, will also help to get more of the tabletop crowd to join me in some cardboard counter pushing fun.

Right, intro blah blah done, here's what I did this weekend:

Saturday - played two games of Memoir 44 with my two eldest kids (10yrs, 8yrs). My boy was especially chuffed as he wiped my Germans from the board with ease....... Then I zoomed off to a local music venue to watch "The Oppressed" with some ex-students and new friends!!

Sunday - played two more games of Memoir 44 with the kids and got my revenge hehehehe. They then proceeded to play a couple of games of 10 Days in Asia, while I brought out my newly printed and mounted PnP Corps Command: Totensonntag for a solo practice/playtest game before the footy came on TV.

How did I find CC:T??? Pretty damn good actually.

It would be a good game for Memoir 44 players to take the next step without being overawed by some of the more complex/larger games out there. I reckon my kids are nearly ready to gve it a go.

Once the initial rules checks and queries were done in the first couple of turns, the rest of the game went very fast, with the final victory only confirmed in the final impulse. Gonna have another game tonight methinks. Thumbs up!!

Whats up next? Well, while waiting for my wargame package to arrive from the states, I might print and mount up the Valor & Victory or Zaibatsu games I downloaded...... plus play more CC:T, maybe even try with my Memoir-addicted kids!!!

Scott 'Shinobi' Kirby

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Comment by Kev on March 28, 2012 at 11:39pm

Welcome back the wonderful world of gaming Mark!

We need more WaW and CC players! Note in April there is a virtual con for Lock'n Load Publishing titles. Lots of good games, lots of tutorials all done via vassal and ventrillo (group chat tool) , even a fun tournament for all levels.

Mark will be providing some prizes and talking as well. So if you were eager to learn a new game or a new title, April is the month.

Comment by Mark Sanchez on March 28, 2012 at 8:12pm

I too have a waning interest in miniatures and have realized that playing the wargames and not the modeling is the attraction.  I spent most of last year painting one German army in 15mm for a November wargames convention and my buddy already had his Russians painted and did all the terrain for a Stalingrad scenario.  I've speculated about the typical 'progression' of tabletop wargamers from board (H&C) to minis and then back to H&C.  I very much like the 'hybrid' games (minis on a board) such as Tide of Iron, Dust Tactics, Incursion, AT 43 and now the Axis & Allies Air Force with the 1:100 WW II Fighters.  Combat Commander, Conflict of Heroes, World at War and Panzer Grenadier provide a huge assortment of scenarios, quick setup (in contrast to a ping pong table spread of minis) and are indeed challenging and fun to play.  I gladly sold off my mountain of WarMachine minis and found more time for historical board wargaming and less time fighting super glue, dry brushing, drilling, pinning, sanding, basing...and spending more for a platoon of 15mm tanks than most GMT board wargames.  I did cast off an entire Advanced Squad Leader collection for the Combat Commander series: easier to find wargaming friends and less frustrating.

Comment by Scott Kirby on March 27, 2012 at 10:23pm

Let me check....... Band of Heroes (WW2), Day of Heroes (Modern)....... not planning to get these just yet as I have the 1st Ed of their Vietnam LnL system. Wanted to try their other systems first hence the purchase of Corps Command and World at War.......... however, I am tempted to get the Nuklear Winter 68 which does use a modified WaW/NaW system just coz it looks and sounds so damn interesting LOL

@Kev - yeah I saw the notice, but last time I tried to order direct through LnL there was a problem with entering Malaysia as a destination. Never mind, I'm waiting to see how my current order with NWS Online goes and then possibly order NukWar from them later.

The NukWar designer has another game, "AutoKross 88",  currently as a free PnP/WIP which I might try to print and play this weekend. We've been enjoying "Outrider" by DiceFestGames recently so this AutoKross could go down well wiv da Boyz!!

Comment by Kev on March 27, 2012 at 9:34pm

Very different games and scale. The WWII LNL squad game is indeed the Day of Heroes under the LNL system.

I was referring to ...pauses to look up at that "other site" - Nations at War which is platoon level as is WaW.  LNL & WAW  use a different rules mechanic completely.

LNL (WWII & Modern Era) is Squad Leader without the minutae and volumes of rules, but lots of fun. (Ducks for cover behind barn door) Dare I say it, LNL for me has a very nice touch and feel of realism, especially in the Modern era. Both ASL and LNL are great games.

The platoon level WaW and NaW series are excellent fast playing tactical level treatments of combined arms. No CRT look ups, its all there on the counter, limited DRMS, they somehow manage to create very balanced scenarios and lots of them.  

Comment by Val Ruza on March 27, 2012 at 9:04pm

LnL's WWII game is called Band of Heroes I think. Actually the other day I found out that their World at War series does not use the same rule set as the Lock and Load games. Not that I have tried either. I just have the Zombies game that was given to me as a gift.

Comment by Kev on March 27, 2012 at 8:55pm

FYI 4-5 copies of Nuke winter going cheap on their web site. - damaged box versions. Same/similar rules to WaW , and the WWII series which escapes me.

Comment by Scott Kirby on March 27, 2012 at 8:38pm

Cheers guys! As well as having good games, one big advantage that LnL could have in bringing new blood to the H&C gaming is that their products just look so damn nice!! CC:T plays well, is very easy to pick up and has the kind of look that a miniatures gamer would look at (when compared to more 'standard' chits from other games). I'll try bringing to our local shop this weekend and see what happens.

This month's gaming budget is depleted, but April is nearly here, so I may have a look for Memoir 44 expansions..... for the kids *cough* not me of course LOL. I'm also looking at "Nuklear Winter 68" by LnL........ too many nice games out there.

Comment by Val Ruza on March 27, 2012 at 12:17pm

Interesting intro! If you kids are into Memoir '44 I would look for the campaign books. I just recently purchased the second one, but my kids and I played the campaigns in the first book a very large number of times! Enjoy Combat Commander when it arrives!

Comment by Kev on March 27, 2012 at 7:40am

Hey Scott welcome to or back to H&C!

I recall your posts in the CSW forum regarding the PnP for CC:T. Glad you liked it. I have not played that particular Lock'n Load title, but its similar to World at War. Blood and Bridges is one of my favorite titles in the WaW series. If you like making war noises (!!!) then WaW is the one!. M1's, T-80s', Jets, Shilkas, Hinds, TOW teams, BMP 2's and arty all go BOOM! 

It seems to me that many of the scenarios roll down to the last turn, and with chit pull activation and the odd chaos event the action is non stop.  

I think these titles from LNL are great bridge games. I wish they got more love and awareness, to engage 'new' grognards.

The other title you acquired are very cool too. Lots of fun playing time there! Enjoy yourself.

Comment by Stephen G on March 27, 2012 at 2:06am
I think you'll find Combat Commamder to your liking...I think it may even have a Malaya scenario...not sure as I don't have the box in front of me.

Whenever I read of Brits in the far East I always think of Anthony Burgess' novels...Time for a Tiger etc...

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