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Here is a post from a design blog I have been keeping.  The game has a working title of The Schlieffen Plan though recent feedback says that's gotta go.  I do plan to transfer over many of the posts but in case you are too curious...The entire blog is here http://worldwaroneboardgame.wordpress.com/.  I'd love to get some followers.  Love all feedback.

Anyway, on the the post.  A playtest of the Mobile War Scenario

The game was designed as a complete campaign.  Now the task of breaking it into smaller more digestible parts has begun.  Today I play tested (solo) the first scenario 1914: The Mobile War.  I have a face to face lined up for this Saturday but wanted to iron any kinks out ahead of time as could be with a solo play.

I am a better solo play test than most because my memory is so dang short.  Once I stand the blocks up and move to the other side of the table, I have forgotten most of the strength opposite me.

Here’s the Central Power’s opening move and the first turn.

Central Powers Opening: Liege and Namur fall.  The Germans posture themselves along the French Belgian border near Verdun.

Turn 1 – Action Phase 1 (T1-A1): The German army attacks the remnants of the Belgian army in Antwerp and press into France.  The French 5th army is attacked suffering heavy losses before they can enact the plan XVII offensive.  In Maubeugen the BEF hold the fort by the skin of their teeth and slow the German advance.

Note: The USA block is used for the Belgian army.  Chips  represent fortified areas.

T1/A1: French Move – This is what the French are looking at. It looks bleak. Would you have the nerve at this point to give Plan XVII a shot?

The French advance from Paris forming a defensive line from Soissons to the Pt Morin river. In true French spirit Plan XVII is launched towards Luxemburg in the center and Mulhouse in the South.

Both attacks clear what German resistance is there during the infantry combat phase thus allowing a breakout move (DOH!). French cavalry were committed to the battle; now it’s looking pretty bleak for the German lines.

…Aaaand here’s the result.  The German middle just blew wide open.

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Comment by Kurt Keckley on September 13, 2012 at 10:25pm

The game is 1914-1918.  The working title arose from my use of the map illustrating the Schlieffen Plan.  It was quite and influence when working out movement etc.  The name definitely has to go but I have a couple hundred files on my computer with that name so the change will be a tedious undertaking.

I LOVE Fields of Slaughter: The Western Front 1914-1918.  It's better than the other alternatives I have listed thus far.

Comment by Bill on September 13, 2012 at 7:43pm

It's on the West Front,  1914-1918

Comment by Eric Walters on September 13, 2012 at 7:31pm

If the game is handling the Western Front for the whole war (and I'm guessing that might be the case, since you've got the "USA Block" representing the Belgians (who would have thunk it?), then you could name it:


Comment by Eric Walters on September 13, 2012 at 7:28pm

If this games deals with just the opening of the Western Front, then I'd suggest BY THE RIGHT FLANK: THE MARCH ON PARIS, AUG-SEP 1914...

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