Yes, missing the usual CSW...TGIF, and it should be back !

I also miss The Marketplace folder ! ! !

It's amazing to me how much I used ConSimWorld. I use WebGrognards alot; BGG Very little. The Forums at CSW just have SO MUCH stuff on the games and the systems that it really puts a crimp in my playing any of my old games. There are some games that I do have "Up-to-Date" errata, etc compiled and stored with the game. But I noticed this past week as I pulled out some older games that I would automatically go to the games folder and see what was there. And it is SOOOO much more convienent than going to the Company's site and hunting for the errata (HELLO DECISON GAMES !! ARE YOU LISTENING ?). Not to mention the AAR's and the comments from people who have already played the game. (As an excellent example, I bought Command #17 "Lee's Greatest Gamble" at Origins. I KNOW there is alot of stuff for it in the CSW Folder; WebGrognards has some stuff, but without context and with a bit of errata for the errata needed, I believe. -the Restricted State errata/addenda. I played the game with what I have, but ran into some questions that I KNOW are answered on CSW ! ! ! ).

I ran into some neat stuff going through more of my latest purchases, alot of memories from some of the old SPI replacement games and magazines (SPI "Stonewall" is STILL a Great little game !) and I came to a realisation:


I have noticed that some games I have not punched and played yet. Yet, I WANT to Play Them ! ! ! I realised as I was going through Peoples Wargames "Black Sea * Black Death" that it MAKES NO SENSE for me to hold onto "Unpunched" games. WHY ? For my "College Fund" ? (actually the Government has already told me it will pay for my Masters, and I dont need that much Beer Money nowadays ). Retirement ? Uhm....I see the Market getting swamped with "Unpunched Classics" from now on. (which is something I thought about when I considered HOW I got the unpunched "Black Sea * Black Death" , which came from someone's complete, unpunched set of Peoples Wargames, which went up for auction right before someone's Complete ASL Collection, including "Kampfgruppe Peiper and "For King and Country" and "A Bridge Too Far".) To Have and Hold ? ... Nope. As I was reading the rules for "Black Sea * Black Death" and looked at the map (and it is a wonderful map ! ), I wondered how the counters would look on it. ...then I had the EPIPHANY ! ! !


not to mention that this is the time of year now that I get swamped by new games. Origins, of course. But also Decision Games and "Against the Odds" are now timed so that I get a new game every three weeks, starting in May and going til September. Add in the P-500 Pre-Orders and the Evil Summer Sales and I have a Deluge of New and Interesting Games inundating me, Literally, Piling Up ! ! !

When I was in high school, and I was thinking about "What would it be like when I am all-grown up ?", I believe I DID vow that I would buy all the wargames I wanted to buy. (imagine a scene: looking under the dresser for a blue infantry division from "Tactics II", bumping my head, on my hands and knees, and then: Scarlette O'Hara-like, "As God is my witness...etc, etc,,,).

Finding the Time to play them ? ... .... ...well....

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Comment by John Haba on August 14, 2009 at 8:40pm
Amen, brother, to all that you said!
Comment by David Hall on August 14, 2009 at 6:39am
Great to hear from you over here. I always look forward to your posts on CSW (particularly on the game addiction forum).

Can't wait until the forum is back up. Like many others, I need to get a life...


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