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At 9:23am on March 31, 2011, Kai Jensen said…
Happy birthday, Barry! I hope you have a wonderful day.
At 9:06pm on April 27, 2008, Barry Setser said…
Ugh - checking was better. Got whipped yet again
At 9:03pm on April 27, 2008, Kevin Coombs said…
Thanks for checking, Barry. Now back to your regularly-scheduled gaming session.
At 7:29pm on April 27, 2008, Barry Setser said…
Looks like I'm missing G2 and G10 - from the Germans, go figure. That's assuming each side has 10 cards
At 7:25pm on April 27, 2008, Barry Setser said…
dang, I had it in my mind to check it. Well, playing Wild War at teh moment, If I don't space it again, I'll post it in a bit.
At 7:14pm on April 27, 2008, Kevin Coombs said…
Oh, Baaarrrryyyyyy... you gonna reply to my April 2nd message to you regarding the 1914 cards you are looking for? Hmmmmm?
At 12:11pm on April 24, 2008, Marc Guenette said…
It is ;-)
At 5:50pm on April 23, 2008, Barry Setser said…
oh oh; I knew there was something I needed to be doing. Sounds like an incentive to me for sure.
At 5:27pm on April 23, 2008, Marc Guenette said…
PAckage coming your way... Practicing your FRench for Montreal Jazz Fest? ;-)
At 7:18pm on April 2, 2008, Kevin Coombs said…
Hi, Barry. I just checked with my brother and he does have those game variation (option) cards for 1914. Do you happen to know which ones you are missing?
At 11:57am on March 27, 2008, Marc Guenette said…
Barry, would you send me back your address? I know i brought it back, but it's not in the game I thought it was.

I figure if Woody comes to Montreal, everybody should ;-)

I work in finance, great anglo-saxon capitalistic tradition. I work when I want ;-) Off course, I'm not paid when i don't work but that is a different story lol
At 3:36pm on March 26, 2008, Barry Setser said…
Perhaps, but it's only for a few days around the weekend. CSW Expo will kill most of my summer time days off. We don't have that great French vacation ethic!
At 1:55pm on March 26, 2008, Marc Guenette said…
Getting your French mags ready to ship... So Montreal Jazz Fest, is it? ;-)

Even Woody Allen will show up for the event.
At 8:54am on March 18, 2008, Barry Setser said…
Oh the system is really something. I do lots of playtests CBs these days - in fact that is usually the lion's share of my work. I have another update to do for PQ-17 soon, like within the next couple of weeks. Could certainly get you in the playtest if you like.

My CB work really jump started Here I Stand and Triumph of Chaos. I suspect it did the same for Shifting Sands, but I don't follow that community. Now I did get Decision Games to warm up to CB stuff when I did the "Nine Navies" CB kit. Maybe "the company that shall remain nameless" could be brought along as well. There stuff would do well in CB format. Now I have a French kit of one of their naval games (GWAS - Med) that is real nice.

The reminds me - I will have to show you an idea I had about doing away with those hit record charts. Since I don't play the WW2 versions of WAS, I have no idea what records come with planes and such, but my idea seems to work well with GWAS. One of the problems with CB implementations of GWAS would be the large number of records that need to be kept. I think I figured out how to do it. Since CB is not supported, I've not really done much with my idea except file it away. Well, that and no around me plays naval games. This CSW social net may have opened a new world :)
At 3:17am on March 18, 2008, Russel said…
I took a look at PQ-17. Should be interesting to see how the system works. We should talk when you have time. GMT's lucky to have you developing their CB gamebox. Seems such play aids are becoming the norm and a necessary ingredient to a game's long-term success. Too bad a certain publisher we know of still hesitates to embrace this truth. R
At 10:27pm on March 16, 2008, Russel said…
Yes, must have been some time in the 2006's.

I still have a copy of the old AH Miday. The piece for the IJN cruiser Tone still has tooth marks in it from a high school opponent who got a bit frustrated during one of our games.
If you like naval games and aren't familiar with the double-blind search spreadsheet I prototyped and my friend Jim Stear programmed, we should talk some time. It allows players to have a non-umpired game in which you've got true limited intelligence. It supports air searches, coast watchers, etc. And sometimes a fleet may be spotted and not even know.
At 6:39pm on March 16, 2008, Russel said…
Hi Barry. Didn't know you liked naval games too. You might recall that I helped you with card scans for your excellent Shifting Sands Cyberboard gamebox.
Best, Russ
At 10:53pm on March 15, 2008, John "Tex" Teixeira said…
Catamite !
At 9:43pm on March 15, 2008, Kevin Coombs said…
Actually, my brother owns 1914 and he lives in Jacksonville, FL. I will ask him, though, if I could get a copy of the cards you are interested in.
At 8:11am on March 13, 2008, Marc Guenette said…
Go for it !!! Montreal is a big festival party from the Jazz Fest till the film fest (end of August)... So many things to see... Old city is worth it too... Anyways, I'll help you around for sure ;-)

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