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At 12:20am on July 22, 2008, Jesse said…
Hi Paul,
I'm in Redfern. You?

At 8:10pm on May 26, 2008, Jesse said…
Hi Giorgio, I finished scanning the rule book now but I just wanted to check with you if it is ok to send you an 5mb email? Doesn't seem very big to me but it depends on your bandwidth I guess.

Photocopy may have been easier but the only place where I have easy access to one is at work and I don't really want to caught using it for those purposes :). Also I had someone else ask for the rules before so scanning it once seems worthwhile.
At 12:38am on May 23, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
By RL I meant actually "real time".
Sorry about that.
At 12:37am on May 23, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
No worries mate!
I've been busy myself too and also I'm currently playing 2 "Lee Vs Grant" and 1 "Jackson in the Valley" (GCACW ) games, all in PBEM. Actually, I start to appreciate playing in this way, as it fit well with daily commitments and it doesn't avoid to mix both RL with PBEM neither, in case of long games.

BTW, as you live in Australia, wouldn't it better, doing normal photocopy and send them by normal post services?

However, I will be fine either way and thankfull of the opportunity to play a game that looks very interesting.

At 6:39am on May 12, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
I look forward to play it and thanks for taking the time Jessie.
At 7:49pm on May 11, 2008, Jesse said…
I don't have easy access to a photocopier but I am in the process of scanning them for you. I should be able to get them to you by the end of the week.

My email is
At 8:22am on May 10, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
I would love to play A Victory Lost, but unless you can send me a copy of the rules, I'm in trouble.
I searched for it on the Internet, but I couldn't find them.
If that is fine with you, could you make a fotocopy and send them to me by mail?
In case, these are my address:
230 Perth St Toowoomba QLD 4350
and my email:
At 3:08am on May 10, 2008, Jesse said…
Yep :) Sorry for the late response, I don't frequent csw too often..

I had a look at the Vassal House Divided module but it looks like its still a work in progress. It didn't look to me like the counters had been added yet (or was I doing something wrong?).

How about we start off with a PBeM A Victory Lost? I'm up to date on the rules and the Vassal module for it is one of the best around.

By the way if you are interested in playing Go you should give a try. I play on there quite often and its easy to find opponents of a similar strength.

At 8:14pm on May 9, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
Are you still in for a game?
At 2:22am on May 2, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
Hi Jesse,

I fully share the same openness to all games, as long they works. As well as you, I played both wargames and more abstract strategy games for a while I have also played GO, which I too agree it is one of the best strategy games around, beside being beautiful, when you have the luck to play it on nice gobang. I stop to play it, when I arrived to the point where you have to really study the joseky and go deep in it, unfortunately and also lost contact with the buddies, who I used to play with.
I went through you list of games on Boardgamegeek and there are several I will be pleased to play. Between them there "A Victory Lost" and "Von Manstein's Backhand Blow", as I used to know the historical events they portrait. I own and have played a few times "Lost Victory" GMT
When I moved to Australia about 10 years ago, I sold out my collection, due to a sum of reasons. I know own not many games, unfortunately and can't afford to buy new ones for a while.
I will send you a list of those I own, but if either the rules are downloadable somewhere, or you may be able to send me a copy, I will be happy to play other ones (Iike the 2 about Eastern Front I mentioned above, expecially A Victory Lost, which I read very good reviews).
As I told you, I'm currently very much in ACW, but for the right game, I'm very keen to move in other topics.
I own and played, till to worn out the counters, of "A House Divided 1st Editions" and have played it in solo with the 3rd edition rules available on the Internet. Great game, which very successfully merge playability with an light historical flavor. I don't own "For the people" but have already downloaded the rules of the 2nd editions and that is another one I would like to play.
I don't know what it is your opinion about playing games you don't own, but till at least one of us own it, I think it is fair to play them, as it would be the same when you have the opportunity to play face to face, where usually the game belong only to one of the players. At least that has been almost always my case, when I was an active player and used to own many games (for a few years I have had also a shop specialized in wargames, back in the 80s).
I'm fine to play by email games over Vassal, but have never done it, so you will have to be patient if at the beginning I may be a bit slow.
Maybe we may have a game to "A House Divide" basic game first scenario, which is just 10 turns, just to smoth the learning curve.
But I'm fine to raise the challenge, if you wish to.
Looking forward to cross the dice with you

At 10:21pm on April 28, 2008, Jesse said…
Hi Giorgio,

I have pretty broad taste in games and can have interest in any theme as long as the game itself is good. You can have a look at my Boardgamegeek profile to see what sort of things I own and enjoy:

The only ACW compaign level games which I can recall playing are For the People and A House Divided. What do you think of those?

By the way right now I'm more open for play by email games over Vassal but real time things might also be possible to arrange.

At 5:37pm on April 26, 2008, Giorgio Clavelli said…
Hello Jesse,

What games, you are after to play, on Vassal?
Although I'm very much on ACW, at campaign level, I'm quite flexible.
When I was a very active wargamer, I played tons of games, of almost all topic.

From your profile, I see you like Paths of Glory, which I'm sure must be a nice game. I have and own Hannibal, Rome against Carthage, which as far as I know, uses a very similar system (although I played it at least 12 years ago). Also and I would be very interested to play it, We The People, share the same system. I have already printed the rules of it, but haven't learn it yet.

Let me know and we will be in business


PS It is a pity we didn't come across each other some months ago. I moved here in Toowoomba from Sydney, were I lived 9 years.
I was in Vaucluse.
Let me know what they are your wargaming tastes and I'm sure we will find a common

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