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At 1:46am on November 26, 2012, Thomas G. Chapman said…

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your Map and Counters blog, Mr. Beard. The heart of my game collection are the SPI titles from the mid '70s through the early '80s when they went under. Your commentaries are pure gold! Wargames may have gotten prettier and more sophisticated, but, for me at any rate, that was a magical era. I count myself blessed that I was able to be a part of it. So, thank you again for your work that has inspired this old timer to revisit some old SPI favorites from a bygone age (I'll even confess to playing an occasional game of Dixie from time to time!).

At 12:22pm on August 22, 2012, Joey Sabin said…

Joe - Thank you for the heads up. I love the SPI Monster classics like HTTR, WaR and WiE. I'll look for a word from you in the fall then.

At 7:47pm on August 21, 2012, Joey Sabin said…

Thank You Joseph. If you ever want to play a wargame face to face drop me a line.

At 6:13pm on November 12, 2011, Joseph A. Angiolillo Jr. said…

Was I correct about the Swiss tournament system? Please explain.


At 6:31pm on June 4, 2011, Robert Ryan said…


       Sorry to read about your computer virus woes. I really enjoy reading your SPI Fridays Blog and feel cheated (as do many others I am sure) because of the issues.  In light of all the other advice being passed to you I would suggest getting an external hard drive to occasionally back up your data files. I say occasionally because if you do it every day you will just get the virus on it as well. I got a 250GB for $49 at wal-mart 2 years ago and it has worked out great. Sometimes viruses are just unavoidable. I got one on my wifes Mac within 1 week of ownership although once I cleaned it off I have never gotten another. The PCs get one about every other year. regards and good luck, Rob Ryan

At 9:56am on May 4, 2011, Robert Ryan said…


    My email is if you are still having problems using CONSIM mail to respond.

At 6:57pm on February 5, 2011, Ken Drego said…

Hi Joe,


Shall we communicate via e-mail?  Let me know if you have any issue downloading Zun Tzu or the WWII module.

At 12:18pm on January 2, 2011, John Kranz said…
Hi, Joseph. I didn't realize you reside in Phoenix. I guess I missed you as I lived there for quite a while until about 2005 or thereabouts.
At 11:35am on December 24, 2010, brian s. b. said…
merry christmas joe! your great blog is a a wonderful continuing gift. cheers!
At 3:01pm on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

seriously-the story of the siege of leningrad and the creation of that symphony is just an amazing inspiring story! and sibelius is fantastic-very underrated! have a good new year,joe!

At 2:44pm on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

lol ok i'l brush up on it-you will need wagner's Götterdämmerung playing in the background!

At 2:23pm on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

yes, i had the same problem-do check out zuntzu. ok the offer is open ended and i do like your blog so blog away and maybe we will lock swords in the new year! cheers! brian

At 10:43am on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

i strongly recomend zuntzu over vassal-i'm an (admitted) "clod" with these online systems and i can use zuntzu in my sleep-it was built to be "easy" it has WATERLOO,STALINGRAD,D-DAY,BARBAROSSA,NATO,BATTLE FOR GERMANY,AK- I'M trying to see if a TRC 3RD ED./NOT 4TH EXISTS OR could be made. check it out. BE GLAD TO GIVE you a game of wateloo,AK, or others after you scope out the system...

At 10:28am on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

there is a NATO(SPI) MOD ON ZUNTZU-i need to get familiar with the rules. i did not know mapandcounters was your site-one of my favs to read and has inspired me to explore a lot of old( esp spi) classics-there's also a barbarossa(spi) mod-but i do not have the rules for that.

At 10:25am on December 20, 2010, brian s. b. said…

thanks joe-yea ive seen those pbem they are good but ive found a way to do pbem with graphics with the zuntzu system-very easy with a dice server that emails the die results. not played the waterloo one yet,but the AK and d-day are great.

At 6:41pm on December 13, 2010, Eric Walters said…

Hi Joe, welcome aboard to the CONSIMWORLD Social website.  Hope you don't mind I'm trumpeting your blog as much as I am!

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