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At 6:51pm on November 12, 2011, Joseph C. Beard III said…

Greetings Joe:

Yes, you are pretty much correct, given the tournament arrangements as we corrently understand them. Obviously, if the decision to weight German and Soviet victories differently is made, for example, then point differentials would (in theory) show up more quickly and the rounds would probably proceed at a faster pace. But, who knows? The difficulty in most "Swiss" tournaments usually comes after the first few rounds because, depending on the number of tournament participants remaining, additional points typically have to be added (based on win-loss records) to reflect the difficulty of the various players' schedules. In reality, however, I don't look for any of this to be too complicated as, frankly, I do  not expect to see the kind of large field that you might encounter in a WAS or VITP tournament at the WBC.

In any case, although I will not have a lot of time to personally devote to this project (for better or for worse, the blog comes first), I suspect that Ed Menzel, who is familiar with the "Swiss" format, will be glad to lend you a hand, if you decide that you need one.

Best regards, Joe

At 7:33am on August 28, 2011, Chris Fawcett said…
I'd like to continue the conversation with you, Joe.  I think the games are excellent platforms for a redevelopment and republication effort, and I'm sure a suitable publisher can be found for the project.  Can we carry on the topic over e-mail?  My address is
At 12:31pm on August 24, 2011, Chris Fawcett said…
Joe, I just picked up a new copy of each of the three games and am wondering if 1) you have the materials necessary to do the combined game; and 2) are you interested in allowing someone to work on a new edition of this game for re-publication?
At 11:31pm on June 2, 2011, Chuck Lietz said…



Thanks for the quick response.


1)  I need the consolidated Leader Reference Chart that shows the order of who has priority over whom for premption.  The Campaign games have them printed on the series rules but there are discrepancies and missing leaders.  For example Ney and Murat are both rated as "5" and on Russian Campaign Ney is listed first but on Peninsula Murat is listed first.  Also, some of the leaders for the Battle scenarios are different than the larger game.


2)  I agree on the rule about Nappy getting a free move to Paris when replaced.  Too hard to get him around the board with time to do much.


3) I played a lot of this in the 80's when it came out and want to give it another go so I may have some additional questions about this very under-rated game.





At 10:44pm on June 1, 2011, Chuck Lietz said…

Hi Joe,

Was dusting off an old soldier here recently, GTD's Napoleonic Wars and was going to push some counters around and I could not find the consolidated Leader Reference Chart.  I have the ones for the individual "campaign" games as those were on the series rules but not one for the larger game as there were some discrepancies between the Campaign Game.  I know this is a shot in the dark but any chance you could help on this?  I have asked around from others who own this game and no one seems to know if this existed or not.  Thanks.  Chuck

At 12:08am on October 14, 2010, brian s. b. said…
thanks joe yea i knew the stuff about the russian airforce's state on june 22,1941. the radar/radio/telephone stuff is new to me,and very interesting-reminds me of a story that french tanks in 1940, well, many of them were using flag signals and shooters would just pop them off when they opened the turrent to signal lol but in a way you are right- the eastern front was such a huge thing-i mean just moscow 41, stalingrad, kursk the many kharkov battles,supply,communications ( a huge problem for both sides at various times) that partisan's THE WEATHER! lol just so much....
At 10:10pm on October 13, 2010, brian s. b. said…
hey joe how are you! i was reading barbarossaby alan clark -in the book he describes the first thought of a "general's revolt" to kill hitler was summer of 1941!!!! have you head anything more about this? i ask because this plot was in response to the russian campaign-which at that point was going swimmingly-which is why i found it odd. anyway, this is also a long winded way to ask what you think is the best book on the whole campaign? thanks!
At 6:06am on September 22, 2010, Richard Berg said…
Hit there Joe . . . last time i remember seeing you was at that
museum lecture I gave in Westchester somewhere. More than a decade ago. I[ve been umping out games like the Alien mother . . . from down in Charleston SC.
At 8:50pm on September 21, 2010, Richard Rubin said…
I founded the Wisconsin chapter of Praetorian Guard - so I corresponded with you, but I don't know if we played anything. I remember the game Blitzkrieg over Poland - did you design that?
I haven't played a lot of wargames lately - I just buy them. My second (and last) kid has just gone off to college, so maybe I'll have more time for it!
Glad to see you've joined!
At 5:56am on September 20, 2010, Stephen G said…
Thanks for the comments Joe..remember reading some of your articles on competetive play in MOVES magazine a long time ago...good to have you on board here.
At 8:12pm on September 19, 2010, brian s. b. said…
oh wow yea i would be honoured to play you! ive never been able to get a handle on vassal/cyberboard et. al. lol yea with some instructions i would pbem (ive yet to play this way) AREA ratings i know a little about but, again with instructions on how to do this i would have no problem doing this. ive yet to get a copy of WATERLOO but once i do and solo it a few times i would enjoy playing that as well. thanks!
At 1:53am on September 19, 2010, Stephen G said…
Op Typhoon..great game!

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