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At 10:13pm on June 4, 2012, Glenn M. Goffin said…

Thanks, Eric.  It sounds like you know more than I do about Traveller 5!

At 8:54am on February 15, 2012, Fabrizio Da Pra said…

Thanks Eric,

yes I like big bad games!

Infact in ASL i like mostly Campaign Games.

Sadly the time to play is getting shorter but the internet is good way to compensate this.

At 11:17am on February 14, 2012, Servillano B. Ritualo III said…

Eric, Thanks for the warm welcome. It seems we both have a passion for naval wargames. Maybe we could hook up someday. Indeed the Leyte Gulf game made by Avalanche is a monster game in itself and looks daunting. We could probably break it down in to smaller manageable scenarios including Admiral Hasleys decision to leave San Bernardino Strait unguarded for Admiral Kurita surface battlegroup to pass through. Anyway I am glad to be in good company. I still have my 1:700 collection intact. You could view them in my facebook account.  Glad to meet you. Thanks for the adding to the group.

At 4:01pm on February 3, 2012, Mark Merritt said…

My favorite ATS title is Berlin Red Victory; it's just too cool to fight it out downtown.  Stonne is great, so is Dark December.  I also like playing ASL scenarios using ATS rules.  I love the Gamers CWB series and so I have all of them.  The battlefields that I go back to frequently are Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness etc.  I spent 3 years in Fredericksburg when I retired from the Navy. 

Olustee is a cool field as well.  Down here in Florida it's the biggest we have.  Would love to game FTF with you someday!


I used to reenact at Bentonville years ago.  It is a beautiful field.

At 10:44am on February 2, 2012, Arthur Dougherty said…

I just got done playing  Autumn Mist a few days ago, have the second scenario half way set up and should be diving in next week.  I feel like PG really hits a sweet spot of being extremely accessible and playable while remaining old school and covering a lot of possibilities during WW2.

ATS is sort of an odd one for me to have listed.  I played a few solo games from the intro sets (the intro 4 page rulebook and the 20 page second tier they had).  I enjoyed what I played and thought it could really work as my crunchy-but-not-ASL-crunchy WW2 tactical game.  Unfortunately I haven't really played it since, but I'm back to reading the rules now and hope to at least get a small Darkest December scenario or two in (always heard that was a good starter box).

The ATS sets that intrigues me the most are Berlin and the new Ponyri Station.  But I also have orders in for the new Ammo Box TT set (Omaha West/Prok Chop Hill/Darkest December reprint/Battle of the Bulge).  Anyway, always good to hear from fellow ATSers.   

I definitely enjoy Conflict of Heroes, will probably try Lock and Load at some point, and have even gotten in a few games of CC:Europe and Fighting Formations.  Seems like a great time to be a war gamer.

At 1:52pm on January 16, 2012, Daniel Red Cloud Brown said…

hey Eric, could you do me a favor and 'Friend" Michelle Louise Hineline ? She's sadly bereft of friends.  -Daniel

At 10:04pm on November 15, 2011, Edward Hollis said…


  thanks for the welcome and Semper Fi from an 0311.

At 11:09pm on November 9, 2011, Arthur Goodwin said…

You ordered/paid for a copy of the game 'Total War' some time ago. Game will ship soon, but we have no valid shipping address for you. Last address on record was for FPO but letter to their was returned as undeliverable. Last email address we have for you no longer works.  Please contact me at

Best Regards,

Arthur Goodwin


At 6:55am on May 9, 2011, KIMBERLY ORR said…
Thanks for the welcome, Eric. Yes, just really getting into wargaming, at this point. Have always had a fascination with maps, charts, diagrams and battle movements.
At 10:25am on February 18, 2011, Matt Looby said…

Hi Eric,


Thanks for the greeting... I will never be retired, lots of family obligations.

Your name rings a big bell... I don't think we have ever met... but Semper FI bro!

At 5:13pm on February 13, 2011, Paul Brillantes said…
Drum is a little chillier than I was used to in Cali, but at least it is near Ottawa, ON where I grew up.  When we are not prepping for deployment, I am fully engaged in finding gamers in the North Country to game with until my eventual return to Livermore, CA where the opponents are thick on the ground and I plan to follow your example and boost those gaming hours as much as possible.
At 7:05am on February 11, 2011, Nils Johansson said…

Thanks for the welcome message Eric.

Well, I did all I could to try Napoleonics, ACW games, etc I heeded advices that would point me to obscure conflicts and other historical eras but the impelling fascination for the Eastern theater always brought me back to the Ostfront.

I actually spend more time these days dabbling into graphics and maps...


At 7:29pm on February 10, 2011, Bruce Geryk said…
Thanks Eric.  I love ASL but haven't played it in so long that I'd be hard-pressed to conduct a mistake-free Prep Fire Phase!
At 4:24pm on February 10, 2011, Luke Hughes said…

Hi Eric,

 Very neighborly of you (at least neighborly in cyberspace terms ;-) ). BTW, I'm a Virginian myself (Lexington) by birth, so happy to see someone posting from Norfolk!

At 12:41am on February 6, 2011, Krokmitene said…

Thank for welcoming me Eric.

Really on LnL by these days.

BoH, Swift & Bold and HotB are on the schedule for some games to come.

Perhaps a bit of FHV and DoH to add some more peper.

As for GBoH, I lack free time by now and I postponed it to march or ... may.

If you are ready to play with one of the late GBoH greenies somewhere in between just let me know...



At 9:33pm on January 23, 2011, Kev said…
Indeed, the 1st Marines were the focal point of "The Pacific" . Which you will see snippets of (if I can sort out my vid editing software) in my new series of videos coming up CC:Pacific. I hope to do the scenarios out of it using a similar format to my Ancients AARs.
As for Galway... a great little port. I cant get you vintage but I am able to obtain it here in Texas. Let me know if you ever need, desire or want a bottle. Least I can do for a man who server as long as you.
I've lost a lot if not all of my Aussie trappings over time. Nor have I been home for nearly 8 years. My friends back there all call me a "rotten Seppo"
Best Regards
At 9:03pm on January 23, 2011, Thomas Beach said…

I own almost the entire collection of OCS as well as TCS titles.  That said, I am a newbie in both systems.  I have only played Tunisia to date, although our group is likely to play DAK for our next monster game after TDC.  I really love the OCS system and find it beautifully constructed and relatively easily implemented.  And if offers a ton of subtlety in it's play.  Looking forward to more OCS.  ONe of our group is also big on East Front Series like yourself.  But I am so sold on OCS and have all of the tiels save one or two small games, and love the system too much to be drawn into trying to collect all of those OOP GMT titles.


In actuality, my greatest love is anything Civil War.  VG's The Civil War is my favorite game.  And although I enjoy the Brigade Series games, I am really a huge fan of the RSS games.  Own and hope to one day play both A Fearful Slaughter as well as This Terrible Sound.  Own and played South Mountain.  A great little game.


And finally, although I own a ton of the modules, I haven't had the chance to ever do anything but solitaire ASL.  But I am an old SL fanatic and really want to get into ASL.  Opponents very hard to find, solitaire play is weak and special convention play difficult to arrange.  But I love the system and would enjoy getting into it.


I enjoyed your pics and music.  





At 9:03pm on January 23, 2011, Thomas Beach said…

Hi Eric,


Thanks for the welcome and comments.


You have some great choices as well in gaming.  We have very similar tastes it would appear.  Our group here in Milwaukee is presently completing just the first day of the Campaign 1 (Historical) scenario of Devil's Cauldron.  I've played three other scenarios perviously.  We are just getting into it and, with the exception of some bonhead missed rules we've had to correct for, are having a great time.  Can't wait for Where Eagles Dare and No Question of Surrender to show up on my doorstep.





At 11:41am on January 23, 2011, Kev said…
Hi Eric, thanks for the nice comments. I like you intro music. I'm an Aussie. Gallipoli remains a part of my life as a child with our moment of silence every Nov 11, at 11am every year in school.

That is quiet a collection of games.

What did you do in the military?
At 10:45am on January 23, 2011, Rick Barber said…
Thanks for your comments on my own 'wall', Eric - I'm going through rough times, but plan on doing maps like those you mentioned for a long time to come! Now I just need to get through the learning curve on Illustrator/Photoshop.

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