How far will you go to have a cat-free (pet-free, kid-free, etc) wargaming environment

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We dedicated an entire room in our house to it--the door closes. We haven't had to install a lock, yet (though the dog may eventually learn to open doors). We installed flooring to make it comfortable for the feet, put camo netting on the ceiling, and painted the walls a sand color. The room has a whiteboard on one wall, shelves and a closet for games, a 4x6 table, rolling chairs, and tv and vcr for war movies and documentaries. It's missing a fridge...but the kitchen isn't far away, so that will have to suffice for now :)
What about uploading some pics of your wargame HQ Kaarin? :-)
It was my intention to drag out the camera...and I have finally done it :) Attached are photos. Of course, it's less impressive without a big game out on the table, but Karsten cleaned one up recently, and he is playing on a table in our family room at the moment. I'm in the middle of a PBEM game and getting ready to go on a the poor room is deprived. By the way, it is really a DVD player (not VCR)...I have now revealed that I am ancient ;-)
Camo Netting! Great touch.

I just finished my game room last weekend. The fridge is right around the corner. No TV and such, but computers are nearby. Double table and dual planes of glass cover most games. Not 4 mappers though sadly enough :( No cats either, but I do have kids who I'm slowly trying to train into gamers. Not going real well yet.
Well, at least you chose correctly. Kids are MUCH easier to teach games to than cats. Although I noticed they start out at about the same place - playing with the pieces, not really listening to you, getting up and wandering off to do their own thing.
Nice set up, Kaarin. You are a very lucky gamer to have a dedicated game room. With a door, no less! Thanks for sharing your pics.
I bought my current house for one reason, a 20x30 outbuilding that became my "Game Cave". I finally had a place to display my rack of "very expensive cardboard" [my wife's words not mine] and set up and play games whenever I wanted to and leave it up. I'll post some pics later.

20x30 Game Cave: $190,000
Moving my family: Untold backpain
Place to store the wife, kids, and dog away from my games: Priceless!
We recently considered buying a house for the same has a huge detached 3-car garage that we would convert into a gaming room. It hasn't sold yet...the idea continues to fester ;-)
I have a very large (5x3) sheet of foamboard. I have a number of small boxes that can be placed strategically about the map and the foamboard goes on top. Even if they sit on it, they can't get to the counters. When I get my office/game area like I want it, it will have a door.
I've actually thought about this a bit. I think a rather clever solution would be to make a shallow box like 30 by 40 with the sides about 3-4 inches tall and a plexiglass cover. Put the map and pieces insides and then close the cover. Keeps cats out but surely would drive then mad to see all those delicious card board pieces so tantalizing close at paw!
For me, the solution is simple- I always leave my office door closed. :-)
Yeah, but torturing the cats is much cooler. Nothing better than to imagine a few cats sitting on the lid of a map box
eyeing that cardboard candy beneath their paws. Wish I had a picture. Heck, wish I had the box!


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