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Played: w@w 17, "Leningrad '41" Germans won on last turn. Not bad.

Market-Garden anniversary games. S&T#77 "Red Devils", S&T#233 "Dagger Thrusts" and MMP "Target:Arnhem".
All fun, easy, quick.
And, of course, watched "A Bridge Too Far"!

Played: Decision Games "RAF" intro twice. Brits hung on. Good game.

Nuts! Publishing game "Fitna" intro on the Syrian Civil War with Vassal. A multi-player CDG game on the Middle East of today. Our group will try a 4 or 5 player of this soon, FTF. Was lots of fun.

Played: S&T 324, "After the Fall". Two Battles on the last years of the Western Roman Empire. Tried the Faesulae 405 scenario. Has possibilities but needs more play. 

SPI's Victory in the West system. Played "Patton's 3rd Army". Ami's did not go far. An "oldie but goodie".

Our group played the 4 player scenario(Kurds Independence) from Nuts! Publishing's game "Fitna". Everyone liked the system and will play again.

I've been meaning to play a VitW game for some time, now.  How good is it solitaire?

Not played it solitaire in a while but remember just OK.

Have got AVALANCHE: THE SALERNO LANDINGS by GDW on the wargame table and have it--at last--set up.  Got the game on BGG Marketplace for a song, but there were a few missing pieces that I had to fabricate and the setup took a while given my eyes had trouble seeing the unit IDs.  Am playing with none of the optional rules and using the Panther and Tiger tank company combat values, even though the most recent research on the battle reveals neither tank was present in significant quantities.  No matter.  I don't want to screw up the balance in trying this out.

Am bouncing back and forth between my home in Central Virginia and the Carolinas as I've got some family health issues to help with, so I don't expect to get the game finished until the New Year.  Then I'll decide whether to play it again with the optionals.  

This is a game I have long wanted and I'm eager to get into it.  The system is fairly straightforward but a bit unusual.  The only bad thing--if one can say this--are the high stacks that can occasionally occur, from what I read of the stacking rules.  We'll see if they actually happen in the game.

Played:" Gotterdammerung: Fall of Berlin" by Moments In History. 2nd Edition. Played solitaire. A Nazi player would not have much fun. Just OK.

Playing: "Hammer of God" scenarios from SPQR.  On vassal mod. Great system and lots of fun. 2 more scenarios to go. 

Played: Worthington's "Crusader Kingdoms". the 4-player version on the 2nd Crusade which was a failure in the Holy Land historically. Nice graphics for maps and cards but too generic for any lesson in a history of the subject. OK as a game only.


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