There are other aspects of gaming that take up our time from time to time.

Today I started editing my old website files where I used to keep my inventory prior to doing so on BoardGameGeek. It has been a while since I fiddled around with the files. I need to rebuild a CyberBoard page for Web-Grognards. This time I'll just have links to the sites, not each individual game. LYG site has over 500 gameboxes. Keeping track of that many is just too much for a single unpaid employee to keep track of.

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Cool topic. I have been using BGG to keep up my inventory of war games (and some not war games). However it (as far as I know) does not have a mechanism to store my magazines (such as The General, MOVES, The Europa Magazine, F&M and Breakout, etc.)

I also have games stashed all over the house, a lot punched and probably a lot more not.
I used to keep a list of wargames and magazines, but have since given up on it. I probably should do that someday. But it would be a major project. Last time I did that, the count was over 1,000 titles (a lot of them mazine games from S&T, the WARGAMER, COMMAND, and others). I've got about thirty footlockers in the garage of old games, some hypothetical/WW3 games, and extra copies of games...I probably should unload a good deal of them. Heck, I'll never play even a quarter of the games I've got in the "war room," even though I want to! But do I stop buying games? Nooo...good thing my wife is understanding...
Here is another non-gaming activity I got involved with some years back. Vanity plates for my vehicle.
I'm at least trying to archive all of my games that I played - results, win/loss ratio, sides played, players involved, scenarios played etc... and that can become a job of its own ;-)
Wish I had started that a few decades ago. I found that a wargame journal helps. Currently I use BGG for that purpose. It has that utility on a link on each game page.
I've started a new hobby of making tables and upholstery. I'm just learning the techniques, so my early attempts were quite bad, but I'm getting better now. This is a gaming table I recently made. I had problems with the corners, but I think I got that figured out now, for the next one.

Any stability problems when a gamer leans on the edge?
not if you're just resting your arms on it, but if you stand up and push down on it, yea it'll tip.
For me, it's designing VASSAL modules. It's possible to become so wrapped up in this that you don't actually have time to play games anymore, which is really quite sad.
One thing I did a bit of was designing gameboxes in CyberBoard.

I started out trying to play a game by email (even before having the Internet or even a modem for a good BBS) by finding the original Aide de Camp at the BX at Hahn AB, Germany. What did I try to build a module for first? Wacht am Rhein of course. Well, ADC was not able to handle that many units and constantly bombed. Later when I was back in the 'Real World', the USA for you uninitiated, I was on the Internet with a 14.4 modem and upgraded to ADC2 but was beat to the punch by somebody else. That is when I found CyberBoard.

I have built a dozen gameboxes for CB. One of my favorite projects was Hell's Highway which I completed in 10 days working over two weekends and after work inbetween.

That is what happens when your opponents are few and you have too much time on your hands.


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