There are other aspects of gaming that take up our time from time to time.

Today I started editing my old website files where I used to keep my inventory prior to doing so on BoardGameGeek. It has been a while since I fiddled around with the files. I need to rebuild a CyberBoard page for Web-Grognards. This time I'll just have links to the sites, not each individual game. LYG site has over 500 gameboxes. Keeping track of that many is just too much for a single unpaid employee to keep track of.

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One thing that takes up my time when I'm not actually gaming is to update the inventory of my games which is over 500 now. Since I do horsetrading of games it is harder for me to keep the inventory up-to-date than you game hoarders out there. On BGG I put notes of the location of the games which is even worse since they tend to move around.
Ah, but when you're a lazy hoarder like me, Skip, you also lose track of what you have! I was just thinking that soon I need to re-inventory everything to see what's not in my database.
I find that keeping my inventory online helps. First it was on my webpage then BGG.
I'm curious - why is keeping it online better in your case? I guess part of that would be because of all the trading you do, but for me, I just want it in a database. So I'm curious - is there a reason you prefer online other than for trading?
Having it public makes me want to keep up a good "show". On BGG it also helps because you can use the Trade Manager program. I currently have a proposed trade in works.
Ah, OK, I can see that. However, my laziness is more powerful than my shame.
Don't worry. Growing up will help over time. At the office I started working for myself instead of the institution and my efficiency doubled.
Heh. But I have refused to grow up for years. But I know exactly what you mean - most of the projects I do now at work are high quality out of pride in my work, because it sure isn't love of the company!
My boss is such a putz. He causes more work than he actually performs. If we (the staff) could come up with a value of his inefficiency and waste they would hang him rather than fire him but...

On Topic
I also clip counters. I clipped CC:E in two nights.
I don't have a gaming library on BGG mainly because I don't have all my games with me (they are in storage here and out of state). But that will definitely be something I will want to do when I one day have the space to get my games back together under one roof. Hopefully that day may come in the next year or so, knock on wood!
Mine are mostly in one place, but I am finding piles of games in other parts of the house that I need to centralize. Heck, there are games I need to *open*! I have tried to slow down the number of games I buy a year because of this. But I keep telling myself that I *will* play them all one day - probably in the Consim Retirement Home you keep talking about, John < g>.
Given the number of games some of us keep piling up, I think our retirement community living center is going to need to connect to some game storage space the size of your local Walmart or Sams Club! Reminds me of the last scene in the original Indiana Jones movie when the arc was placed into warehouse storage.


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