We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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Don't feel bad about it.  I sold off my copy of PANZER years ago.  And I don't have any sudden urge to get the new version (or the expansions) from GMT.  I still like tactical wargames, but I have so many I'm playing that I don't feel a need to get back to this series.  Still got other Jim Day designs--MBT and IDF in particular--that I don't think I'll miss anything.

Yup, I've gotten rid of over a hundred SPI games the past three years.  It's okay.  SWORDS AND SORCERY was good for few hours of play and humor (remember the NATTILY WOODS?  Or was it the EVELYN WOODS?  Seem to remember something of the SS Killer Penguins, too.  But maybe the mists of memory are deluding me here....

Definitely Nattily... Other names were wonderful: Unamit Ahazredit comes to mind. I also loved the Communist vs. Tsarist orcs subplot. But who needs that any more when we have "Triumph of Chaos" to master and play?

ToC is quite possibly the richest (in terms of depth and detail) of the Card Driven Board Games genre I've yet played (and I don't get to play it enough).  I put HERE I STAND (and now VIRGIN QUEEN) behind it as they are the next richest, in my view.  Just got the latter and am hoping to trot it out for a spin sometime soon.  

Had to let go of some of these non-historical titles.  Also parted ways with MAGIC REALM which I thought was a terrific fantasy board game; far better than S&S, IMHO.  Kept a number of the sci-fi games--while I could let go of STAR SOLDIER and OUTREACH, there was no way I could get rid of STARFORCE: ALPHA CENTAURI and BATTLEFLEET MARS!

I love me some chrome, so after doing a bunch of initial research, in my lightning three-month trade & acquisition campaign I targeted ToC along with Clash of Monarchs and Unhappy King Charles. I managed to swing trades for the first two (my trades campaign is probably worthy of a long post of its own, as extra-geeky as that might be) and purchased UKC, all unpunched/like new. I simply went out and bought "Virgin Queen," deciding that I couldn't/wouldn't wait, it simply looked too good. It arrived today, and I had to ignore all the way through work.

Now, to find a good games group in Chicago.

Good games groups are key.  I've done some trades/sales/buys through mine here.  Am lucky to have two really good groups with decent sized memberships.  Sure does make a difference!  We also tend to go to the same game conventions on the East Coast, which is a great deal of fun!

You sure got some good CDGs in your trades!

I too sold Panzer many moons ago but have regretted it ever since despite the aching slow gameplay and the horrible paper maps. As with many posters on this thread PanzerBlitz/Leader are probably tops of the games I just don't play any more but which still give 'fondling' pleasure :-)
I have all the early AH (RIP) ASL titles but not played in at least 15 years but again on occasion like to drool over the scenarios etc

Of course same applies to my miniatures collections there are armies I 'HAD' to have which I then spent eons painting/basing but which have seldom seen light of day (and as to the unpainted lead !!!!!!)

Pretty much same with PC Wargames as plenty gather dust. I played original Steel Panthers endlessly but now it's a distant memory. A genuine excuse for neglecting some such games is that older titles won't run on newer operating systems.

I think it the Wargamers disease to collect stuff endlessly knowing full well that we are simply never going have time to play anything more than a fraction of the stuff accumulated and that parting with any of them is a major moral dilemma for us sad sacks :-)


for myself it would be GMT's GBOH series....I spent countless hours playing SPQR, Alexander, Samurai etc....seemed like Cataphract was the turning point for me...just wasn't my cup of tea. Since then I've spent several years away from the hobby only to return recently. One of the things I loved about GBOH games was the(then)amazing graphics...now everyone is producing as good as or better looking games! B-17 (and solitaire games in general) has also lost it's luster after all these years(and several hundred missions flown).

When do you make that decision to sell off a game?.

I have a guilt complex selling a game I have not played. 

I have "Armor, Panzer and 88" and have never played it.

But something stops me from selling them.

Let 'em go.  The new GMT version of PANZER with the expansions is just so, so, so much better.  If these games are unpunched, maybe the collector's market will pay enough to fund acquisitions of the newer titles!

For me, it was Star Fleet Battles.  In the 80's, it was a way of life.

I haven't played a game of it for probably 20 years.  I did buy some of the Federation Commander games and actually liked them better, but then traded them all away when I got into Vassal and realized ADB was anti-Vassal.  If I pay over $150 for their game and expansions, I sure ain't giving them a monthly subscription just to play it on their site.

Kingmaker is another one I loved, but never can seem to get it out as much as I would like to.  The same could be said of Victory in the Pacific.

I'll never divest from SFB. Like Magic, there will always be the thought that I'll 
play it again somewhen.

Yeah, my SFB stuff is with me for life.  I combine all that stuff in one box.  I doubt I could separate it if I wanted to.  Well, it's a good Gateway game (believe it or not) into wargaming for those who dig all things Star Trek: easy to teach, easy to learn, and then you can go off the complexity deep end on your own.


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