We all know that when new games come out, we all sit down to play them...some we won't play again and some of them we want to play again but only do it once more (flashes in the pan)...and a few we want to play even more (rages)...and a very few we find we keep on playing (sages). It's interesting in reading the "What are you playing" Forum entries to see what games seem to "stick" and what games don't--what is missing is why. Here's your discussion area to identify those recent titles as "Sages," "Rages, and "Flashes In the Pan" and--most importantly--WHY.

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GMT's MANEUOVRE--is it a "sage?" A "rage?" Or a "Flash In the Pan?" Certainly Jason and Scott over at the Point 2 Point podcast give this one extremely high marks (5 dice in most categories) which would lead one to believe they think it's a "sage." They even think you need to snatch this title up before it sells out! Have you played it? What is your take on this game?
I think Manoeuvre is basically going to turn out to be a "Flash in the Pan" sort of game. It's a good game and I enjoy playing it, but it's essentially a "filler" game. After the newness wares off, the game will be used as a introductory game or as something to play when there's not enough time to play something else. While the game is interesting and fun to play I don't see it as compelling and as soon as something else interesting comes along, folks will put Manoeuvre up on the shelf and move on to the next new thing.
CC:E and CC:Med are my Rages currently
Because they are great games!
My take on COMBAT COMMANDER series: This is addictive. Now, there are people who just can't handle the random nature of the game--just so much friction seems to be going on in so many scenarios. The more deliberate players with a competitive bent often want to throw up their hands when a stream of "wacky" events appears to happen to them. Well, I do like the incredible variety of play that occurs even within a single scenario...and there's so many scenarios (and more cranking out all the time as new games/packs/C3I magazine scenarios get published). This game appeals to the "role player" in me that loves to tell stories about my last tactical action (even when I've lost). To me, the CC series is at least in the "rage" category but may end up a "sage" in its own narrow niche of devotees.
Just got MANEOUVRE this past weekend. Oh, I think I'm going to like this game just after reading the rules and fondling the components. That said, I can see what Kimbo is saying. Definitely a game I'll be playing with someone while I'm waiting for my opponent to finish his move in some monstergame we've taken on. Definitely agree this is a good title to introduce someone to wargaming with, even though it's such a stylized treatment of early 19th century warfare. I used to play FEUDAL incessantly in college and this one will be easy to get hooked on as well....

Yeah, it could be a "Flash in the Pan."
COMMAND AND COLORS: ANCIENTS. Now, I've not played this. I know it commands a pretty loyal (and hefty) following, but I'd tried similiar games (the latest version of "Battle Cry" for example) and it just didn't do anything for me. Even the blocks aren't enough to get me into it. Jason and Scott seemed somewhat lukewarm to the game system as well in their Point 2 Point podcast...but there's got to be something to this game as people keep playing it. "Rage" or "Flash In the Pan?"
FIRE IN THE SKY. This one gets my vote for a "Rage," but maybe it's a "Flash In the Pan"--albeit a rather lengthy flash. I remember when people were CONSTANTLY playing it. I stopped into WBC in 2006 and saw this game all over the place. But now tournament participation seems to be dwindling for this game...and Andreas Ludwig has been talking about how relatively difficult it is to have fun as the Japanese in the endgame in this title, compared to EMPIRE OF THE SUN. What do you think? If you judge FITE to be a "Flash," do you think it's because of other games such as EOTS or maybe even Columbia's PACIFIC VICTORY block game (I know, I know--lemmee guess...it's really ASIA: ENGULFED that did this game in. Right?).


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