What are the games that you own, but aren't on your game table now, but which you want to play? Are you held back from playing them by limitations of time, space, lack of players, or just not enough opportunity in general?

As a follow-up, are there games that you've owned for years, but you've never gotten around to even punching the counters, let alone setting them up?

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My problem is that I rarely get time to play anything but keep on acquiring games. I tell myself I will have time when I retire. Games that I've recently bought that I want to play are the current crop of monsters such as THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON, ASIA ENGULFED, 1914: TWILIGHT IN THE EAST, ALAMEIN, and others. But I don't even have time to get a single scenario of the latest ASL Action Pack on the table. Sigh.

Old games that I want to play include all the Clash of Arms BATTLES OF THE AGE OF REASON series and a plethora of Zucker/OSG games. Quite a number of GMT titles from the GBOH series as well as PRUSSIA'S GLORY and the Ben Hull games are on that list as well. Sigh. All still unpunched. Double sigh.

Really old games that I know I'll never play include GLEAM OF BAYONETS by TSR/SPI, CAMPAIGNS OF ROBERT E. LEE by Clash of Arms, and quite a few others. Sigh.
Pacific War from Victory Games is one that I wish I had the time and space to enjoy. fully. I'd also like to play more of the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War, Here I Stand with a full complement of players, and I have a big pile of Wargamer and Strategy & Tactics magazine issue games from the eighties that demand time and attention.
New games I want to play:

Ancient Battles Deluxe
Warriors of God
Barbarrosa 2008
Solomons Campaign 2008
C&C Ancients - Roman Civil Wars

Old games:

Search & Destroy
Another new game on the "to play" list:

No Retreat (VPG)

An older game I want to play again with Joe Polak:

Twilight Struggle
Adding another game: Unhappy King Charles.
Anyone near Mesa, AZ who would like to play some WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin? I'm intently in the mood for it.
Next choices would be Swords of Rome, Hannibal, or For The People.
I picked up the TCS title "A Frozen Hell" at a flea market, made it about halfway through the rules and now it just takes up shelf space. Don't honestly know if I'll ever pull it out and try to get through the rules again. Maybe if I actually push the pieces around next time... who knows....
Oops, forgot to mention that I HAD really wanted to play this one. I use games as a tool to learn more about specific engagements that I know nothing about. The Russo-Finnish war is a topic that caught my curiosity and I picked up the game hoping to flesh out a bit of knowledge. Generally for me, this leads to picking up books on the subject. But I never got that far with this one...
Oh, I forgot to mention Empire of the Sun, I've got that too and it's another I'd enjoy breaking in.
I have a growing list right now:

Chandragupta (GMT) - Just Arrived
Panzergrenadier Series (Avalanche Press) - My collection grows and grows, and my available gaming time shrinks and shrinks.
Empires in Arms for the Computer (Matrix)
SPMBT and SPWW2 for the Computer (Shrapnel) - Due to discussions on this site, my enthusiasm for the series, always high, is growing ever greater.
I'll tell you, Jim, PanzerGrenadier really has its hooks in me. And I'm a rabid ASL fan. But this is a great system, even if the scenarios (and there are SO MANY OF THEM) can be a bit lopsided.
Thunder at Cassino is ready!


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