I thought I would quickly mention that videos and music are two modules that can be added to this site. I don't see a fit for music, unless we were going to limit it to military style music. However, I'm curious to see if folks think we are ready to see anyone here actually begin posting videos to this space. I can pull the trigger on that at any time, but I am assuming for now we don't really have a lot of folks going the YouTube route yet. Am I correct?

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Well, this here is meant as the social network of CSW, so we don't have to limit it to a special content like CSW, since it's about people. Music and videos could be helpful to see what other CSW'ers enjoy, so why not. But I'm not sure what you are talking about with 'modules' that can be added. Does this mean it will add two spaces here on the network for up-/downloading audio/video files, or does it mean that you can enable the personal pages to have music and videos features?

Regarding YouTube, I often use it, because there are a lot of cool music/video clips to be found there (I'm always enjoying Tom Waits concerts this way ;-) ) and there's a lot of good gaming stuff available also (just enter Wargaming in the search area to even get boardgame based stuff). Even military movies can be found, so it's a nice place after all.
Yes, these are simply options I can add to a page -- each section on the Home page is a placed module. I have to check if the video module links with youtube, because I think that would make better sense, and also it would save the CSW budget I need to try and manage in terms of bandwidth/data transfer costs.
I have several pieces of video from past Expos I'd like to upload. So I'd be interested in whatever you decide about hosting here or YouTube or whatever.
I've gone ahead and added the Music and Video modules. You will find it on the main page, and now everyone can add this media to their own personal web page as well. Wherever possible, please try to embed YouTube videos or manually enter a URL where the video or music source is as this will help us manage bandwidth costs. I did note that copy and paste does not work when entering URLs into fields, which is an annoyance. Probably their way to push for direct uploads to this site to monetize bandwidth costs.

I've gone ahead and provided a link to the most recent Point2Point Podcast (#31). Enjoy!
I've been trying to upload a 30 MB video file using both the clikc and drag and bulk loader, but am not having success. Are these operational?
Tom, is the video presently located on the web already? If so, you can enter the URL for the file. If not, the java utility should come up inside the page that allows you to upload the file. Let me know if problems persist.
OK, first video embedded on my home page of the 06 opening remarks (happens to still be on my laptop). I'll see about getting it on the main page too.
Hmm., no way other than doing an upload - John, if you can post how to embed for front page I'll send you the code.
Jack, there should be an option (perhaps it's somewhat hidden) on how to embed the URL for the video so you don't have to upload. If you don't notice it anywhere, I can grab a FAQ entry from this service and post it here once I have time to retrieve it.
I got a video uploaded, but not sure whether it is just in my section or someplace other people can see it - which was my intent.

So much for being the first video poster :-(
It worked ... I see it on the Home page, where it is meant to appear being the first one. It will also be under the Videos tab, etc. Cool....
I added a video for everyones pleasure!


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