Getting Started with the CSW social networking platform

Please post any initial questions (or suggestions) you have here as you become acquainted with this CSW social network platform.

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Hmm...delete key works for me on my Mac. I will try on my Windows laptop tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for the heads-up!
Hey, I'm doing my best here! If you don't believe me, check out the photos I've posted!
PS Don't forget paintball. Paintball is miniatures wargaming where YOU are the "miniature!" See my video!
Can I ask if this account is linked to the account that I have on the regular CSW forums? When I first tried to sign in to this page, I was unable to use my usual CSW log-in.

If both accounts are not linked, are there any plans to link them?

The forum pages here are different too. Maybe you could emulate the same style of threading here too?
Ken, as you probably can surmise, these are two completely separate systems. I'll investigate if OpenID will be supported by both platforms...or otherwise I will have to find out what would be required technically to integrate all our services under one ID (which would include our helpdesk system as well). Obviously, that would be a dream come true for me if this was possible. Not sure if the formats will merge, however, this and the forum are two different beasts.
This here is the thread for suggestions, so let me repost it:

I see that 'introduction to the hobby' and 'favorite games' are the only options so far to give some info about the members. What about more space for personal info, like who you are, what you like, music, movies, books, religion, profession, favorite website links etc..? There's plenty of free room left on the personal page. Just a thought...

And is there anything you can do John, to make this site here more friendly to the Opera Browser? I have to switch over to the IE7 to use the site fully, since deleting text doesn't work, videos sometimes load, sometimes don't and such things.
Andreas -- this is a service that's rather unique right now (recently spotlighted in Fortune magazine, which is how I found it). So I will send in feedback about other browser support. Presently, only 3 questions are supported on the personal profile page when signing up. I wish I could add more! I will submit this as a feature request.
FYI: The "Latest Activity" ticker does not properly capture any forum activity inside of newly-created Groups. For example, I just posted to a forum topic created in the Bulge Group, but it did not show this on the ticker. This is a known bug in the system and will be fixed at some point. They are already working on it, from e-mails I've received from the support staff.
Wow...that was fast! This bug has already been fixed! That's a good sign to see the company being this responsive as it wasn't the case of a single bug was related to bugs in other areas. So now one should see any new forum topics started and/or forum posts made in the Latest Activity sidebar. :-)
(update) Nope...the feature still has some intermittent problems...but it looks like it's working better than before. I'll follow-up with the service since I noticed the Latest Activity didn't pick up a topic I created under a Group.

Thanks a million for this social site and thanks to Gary for inviting me. I do enjoy CSW for discussion of games but I really enjoy the blog type features and my own personal page to rant on as I like.

Also I like the "high" tech stuff here as well.

As always something are not for all people, but I dig this site.
Hi John

I'm struggling with the way email notifications work and how to manage forums I'm interested in and posts I've made. When I signed up I quickly turned off the network mailing, but even then I found my personal email box was swamped with post notifications. Is there any way to make it like the way forum updates are handled on BGG where you get an email when activity happens in a forum you are tracking and not another until after you've visited?

Oh, I'm also not a big fan of threaded forums, and the organization here is befuddling me. I don't want to spend a lot of time managing things. I'm not sure how to determine where things are and how to navigate around to places of interest. I'm sure there must be a How-To somewhere, can you point me to it?

Steven, I hope you caught my blog post earlier. Yes, you can fully manage the e-mail notifications and there is also a link that allows you to stop receiving any e-mail alerts on threads on these pages as well. It looks like they have packed a lot of features in this regard, so I hope that will meet your needs. Of course I too am a fan of non-threaded discussions, but it appears that for this type of networking site, it seems to make a bit more sense. I won't be changing the format of the CSW Forum at all...this is an entirely new service.


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