Years ago I stopped playing ASL for several reasons; one that broke the camel's back was when a couple of idiots showed up in SS tunics!! I now play everything solitaire. I did not hesitate to preorder B-29! Anyone else here into strictly solitaire? I even incorporated ASL Retro and modified it somewhat to include impulse and initiative like ATS does. My old gamers would cringe, but what the heck, I purchased these games and I can play them as I see fit!

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Tad - I play solitaire also. I usually try to play both sides in the same way - aggressively. Face to Face opponents are few and far between - except for family - in my neck of the woods. It's why I enjoy B-17QOTS a lot and look forward to playing B-29 in all its printed glory! (Due to be shipped soon!)
I am looking forward to B-29 very much. Hope Tinian gets release this year also. One other game I am looking forward to is CH's Omaha. It's not a solitaire game, but the ATS series games are easily adaptable to solitaire play. That's a fascinating reading topic. I still have AH's Patton's Finest, which I break out occasionally.
Tad - Shawn and I are working on two add-on modules for B-29, one adding minelaying and oil target missions to B-29 and one for Korea. Korea will take a bit more time since I am not familiar with air operations over Korea.
How about the a-bomb? Yikes, can't believe I mentioned that since my parents' family lived in Hiroshima!!
Tad - the two a-bomb missions are not simulated in the game. But it can be is you wish to give it a shot. Simply choose Hiroshima or Nagasaki as your target.

I visited Hiroshima in 1978 while I was stationed at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. A couple of friends and I spent the weekend there (pack rat that I am I still have the hotel bill!)

Visited Peace Park and hit a brewry there - Asahi I believe. Received numerous free samples!
Hi Tad,
I have one regular ftf opponent and play some via email, but solitaire makes up the most of my gaming. Usually it corresponds to something I'm reading at the time. Which comes first, the book or the game, varies. Which (non-solitaire) games do you find particularly well suited for solitaire play? While the loss of fog of war is significant, I've found Asia Engulfed still plays well solo, at least for the early parts of the war. Devil's Cauldron also looks like it should be good solo. That said, I wouldn't let a couple of idiots halt your ftf playing. I suspect most of us aren't like that.
Hi Jeff,
Most of the guys I played with back in the 60's and 70's were into drugs. They are probably either dead or in advanced stages of alziehmer's (sp.?)! Not many people play out here and I don't have time to travel around. I am content to drag out a game, play solo, take out another, etc. Most of the time I don't finish a scenario. I read books that may pertain to the subject. That in it self is a great hobby!!

The non-solo games I have found conducive to play alone are definitely the Panzer Gren. series, GMT's Samurai is great, and the ATS Starter series play quite well. Starter #1 is fantastic! Don't have to worry about armor. Just a bunch of GI's and Germans running around trying not to get killed!!
I have solitaire for probably having my games played. I was in the US Air Force and traveled a lot making it hard to find wargamers. I did join the Newbury and Reading Gaming Society for a while and played a bit while in Newbury, Berks. Here in Oklahoma City I can find the Euro-game crowd and have a game day coming up in a week. I do say that I enjoy Carcassonne.

Most times I play wargames with CyberBoard and Aide de Camp 2. I've tried others and prefer these two programs. Zuntzu looks to be very interesting.
I enjoy good solitaire boardgames, designed for solitaire play specifically, like Ambush! and... well... like Ambush!. It is too bad it is long out of print, and that the mechanics are ab it too complex and slow to compete with more modern games for much of my time. A new more fast-playing Ambush! is high on the list of games I would design if I designed games.

(I usually cheat and play Ambush! cooperatively with two players though.)
I have not played a face to face wargame in many years. I play euro games face to face but I have not found an opponent in my area for wargames. As for playing solo games, I have enjoyed playing A Victory Lost solo. The chit pull system makes it easy to play solo. I would like to try the World at War:Eisenbach Gap solo. Anyone have any experience playing this games solo?

Chit pull systems have chits for formations. The chits go in a cup and are pulled letting you know which formation can move/fight. Since the order is random, it adds interest to solitaire play. You have to plan both sides for the worst possible order on chit pulls. I found that Across the Rappahonnock is a fun game on Chancellorsville because of the chit pull system. A Victory Lost adds the twist that the number of chits the Germans put in the cup changes each turn and the Soviets cannot use all their chits and have to make decisions.

I could not of explained this better myself. Thanks Jeff.


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