As I am leary about the ease of play of Command and Colors Ancients and how the board is divided up like Memoir 44 and it seems like a game for beginners I was wondering what people consider the best ancient warfare game in that period on that scale, and I mean not a grand strategy game but something like Field of Glory but not miniatures based.


Has anyone made anything like that that is ALSO popular and played on Vassal quite a bit?



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Commands and Colors Memoir style suits ancients battles well. It a good fun competative game. Sometimes easy is best. Beyond that the next best thing would be GBoH. Those are quite more complex/realistic, wich consumes more time to play.

Commands and Colors is great when you want to play three or four games in no tie. Great Battles of History take an entire afternoon and then some.


I guess it's up to the amount of time you have for a play. Having both is well too.

I do in fact have both! I love GBOH but find little time to play it. I play a lot on vassal live
C & C ancients is actually suprisingly good and well suited to Vassal play...there are also some pretty epic scenarios. I initially thumbed my nose at it thinking it was too simple, but was pleasantly suprised at how good it can be. Many people think it is too luck dependant, but it actually rewards planning and correct use of he various troop types.
SPQR deluxe? Or anything else in the GBoH-series for that matter

GBoH, hands down. It has its flaws, but blows away the

traditional movement pulsing for feel.


I started playing GBoH and then I tried Simple Great Battles of History. Nevert went back.


SGBoH plays faster, gameplay feels almost the same, and gets same results.



Ancient Battles Deluxe (VPG)
For an absolute oldie but goodie, I'd say make sure you pick up a copy of TAHGC's Caesar Alesia. I think everyone has been on the mark regarding game recommendations here. My personal preference is Great Battles of History given how rich and deep the series is. The old SPI classic games from the SPI Prestags Master Pack are a great walk down memory lane as well.
I'll plea for an oldie but goodie--the AH version of THE SEIGE OF JERUSALEM.  It's got such an amazing feel when you are doing assaults--lots of tactical color and the difficulties for both the Romans and the Zealots are a great deal of fun.  Plus, the components (particularly the map) are terrific and very evocative of the period.  I'm a fan of GBOH and CAESAR: ALESIA I'll admit, but this game remains my all-time favorite ancients board wargame.


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