I am wondering if Rommel should have rushed to Normandy on D-day.  The battle was already going on, and he could do nothing while on the road.


I suggest that instead of rushing for the coast that he should have continued on to see Hitler and get the OKW Panzer Division Released.  Once the Battle had Started even if he was there the first few hours of D-day would not have changed - I would go so far as to say even the whole of the first day.  But since he was not there and was closer to OKW and Hitler I say he should have gone to Hitler and gotten the Panzer Released.

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Hitler should have listened to  FM von Rundstedt. Inflict the maximum casualties on the Allies but realize you cannot hold the line given their superiority on land and air.

But again... we are talking about the Bohemian Corporal being logical.

O.K. I am not commenting on who's strategy they should have followed (von Rundstedt or Rommel).  What I am asking is:  If Rommel went to see Hitler instead of racing for the coast could he have convinced Hitler (Hell even wake him) to release the Panzer Reserves to him?

As for whose strategy was better in repulsing the invasion, I think Rommel's was the correct way to go Stopping the invasion at the waters edge!   Since the allies had air supremacy I doubt the Germans could have ever mustered enough troops and materials to one one place in time to mount a Major counter attack

Especially not in his declining mental condition (owing largely to the amphetamines and other stimulants he had become addicted to). We are forgetting that by now Hitler was delusional when it came to his own capabilities and those of the forces under his command. And of course in only two months Rommel would be forced to shoot himself after a failed attempt on Hitler's life.

Rushing to the coast would have made things tougher on the Allies in the early days of Overlord but I sincerely doubt it would have changed the outcome of the campaign. The Germans simply no longer had the manpower to be everywhere at once while they were being bled white by the Russians. The war was lost by that point even had Overlord failed. Hitler was not capable of comprehending that he had been defeated.

There was much blood left to be shed....

O.K. that is true the war was lost at this point, but if Rommel could have gotten Hitler to release the Panzer reserves with-in the first day of the invasion it would have been a different time for the Allies..  I am not looking to see how it would have changed the war so much as it would have changed the battle and campaign for Normandy.

Lets face it being on the road he could not have affected the battle, but getting Hitler to release the reserves could have.  I am reading The Desert Fox In Normandy Rommel's Defense of Fortress Europe by Samuel W. Mitcham JR. and in reading I found out the Hitler always thought the Normandy was the spot for the invasion - if Rommel could have convinced him that this was the main invasion especially with the information that most of the Veteran Division were involved he could have convinced Hitler and gotten the reserves released - at least this is what I am suggesting could have happen...


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