I have Steel Panthers one, two & three, but I was looking at them and they are for windows 98....has there been a patch or update to play these with XP?

Also I have X-Com and that was a fun game as well.

does anyone remember Aces of the Deep, the Sub war computer game.

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The icons are a little large for 50m hex size, but it doesn't negatively effect the game at all.  It's a lot better than using army symbols.


Perhaps at 25m a hex the maps weren't big enough. The maps were limited to 100x100 hexes back then (2.5KM x 2.5KM).  Not a lot of room for a battalion to maneuver.  Changing the hexes to 50m gives you 5KM x 5KM or 25 square KM instead of 6.25 square KM.


Now days the maps go up to 160x200 hexes (8KM by 10KM).  You can have a pretty nice tank battle on 80 square KM.


I looked in the back of my old game guide from the original SP, and sure enough you are listed as a designer.  You're famous ;-)

Though actually my name made it into the game guide a few years ago, when Camo Workshop included a couple of my maps in their WinSPWW2 game.  My kids were impressed :-) 


Camo Workshop have a done a really good job building on what you guys started back in the 90s.  They've stretched the code to the limit and beyond, but IMHO it remains the best WW2 computer wargame of it's type. 





An American Civil War mod has just been created for the SPWaW version.

You can read about it here:


You can find all the Steel Panthers love you want right here:


Steel Panthers Armor Site http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/winspww2.htm


Steel Panthers Depot http://www.spwaw.com


Camo Workshop for Steel Panthers http://linetap.com/www/drg/SPCamo-2.htm


And last but not least the newly updated game




Courtesy of the wargaming links on my blog



if you have win 7 you can run as a virtual xp system and it should play the win 98 version
I had aces of the Deep but thru it away about 3 weeks ago since it was not for xp.

If you have a spare copy of Windows 98, you should be able to install that on your PC within a virtual machine. 


Even if your flavor of XP isn't listed on the system requirements, it should still run.


Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Download Page

I played a ton of Steel Panthers... I recall winning the decisive victories in every scenario in the campaign until I got to one of the Berlin battles and I only got a marginal.  I lost my best tank crew in that scenario... Great stuff, I had good times for many many hours.


I also had Aces of the Deep.. another fun game that took up a lot of my time. 


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