We have discussions for reading and playing games, so I'm going to ask: What are you watching of late? That goes for favorite TV shows as well as DVD's.

So, what is putting electrons across your TV set lately?

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I tend to think of myself as a "centrist", but I tend to get confused: when I meet a conservative they call me a lefty, and when I meet a liberal - I'm definitely a fascist. What I do know is that I have my own biases and inconsistencies. It's when I meet (and watch/hear others such as Limbaugh, BBC or NPR) that I get worked up. I'll be honest I think FoxNews is better at being honest with itself then NPR or the NY Times.

I tend to read the WSJ for news. Like a cop one thing I learned in life is to follow the money, money tends to see not in black or white, but green.
I read the Journal when I can, but haven't put out the bucks for a hard copy subscription or to the web site. I'm at the end of a trial membership to Forbes (following them money), and I subscribe to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review, about as far apart ideologically and still be in the same city. I watch FoxNews, CNN and sometimes MSNBC.

Sometimes I even stop watching TV and get some work done!
Olberman's anger comes from just a false sense of adequacy, in my opinion, with anger for anger's sake.

I took a really unbiased view toward the birth certificate issue, and I'm convinced now that President Obama was born in Hawaii. Not Kenya or Indonesia. The evidence points to Hawaii, clearly.

However, the Democrats could have handled the whole thing better, and been more forthcoming. Also, dismissing such a large group of critics as loonies and uneducated morons doesn't help matters. It makes it look as though there's some kind of cover up, when one is neither in existence nor even necessary, while reinforcing the elitist label.

It's funny that you bring up the Dubai ports deal. I signed an online petition against it, and now I get lots of e-mails addressed "Dear Moveon.org Member..." So I get to know that the other side is saying, as they're saying it, and being called a member of Moveon.org is always good for a laugh. It shows that they're probably padding their membership statistics, plus it's proof that they don't know me at all.
You mentioned the Moveon thing. I've been watching the news and the Moveon and the Pelosi crowd been calling folks Nazi's for yelling at them.

I do find it funny the direct action crowd is unhappy the right is doing the same thing.... I've always found "non-violence" to be a silly idea. Thousands of people yelling and blocking access isn't non-violent. It doesn't have to be met with guns and tear gas - but it is by nature violent and holds within itself the potential for more violence... So protest by nature is violent,

And now Democrats are complaining when they've been supportive of these tactics since the 60's....
Pittsburgh is going to have the G-20 summit next month, so we should see a real clinic in non-violent rioting. I expect it will make me nostalgic for the "whiff of grapeshot."

You're right about the language coming from the left. I think that they're upset that the opposition has learned some of their tactics, albeit in smaller numbers. Again, it goes to the elitist response: How dare you interfere with our stage managed town meetings... Anyone who opposes us must be a big-money activist... No sane person could oppose our common sense proposals... Let's have a dialogue as soon as you shut the *#@% up.

This is the kind of overreaction that cost conservatives dearly back in the day. I remember when civil rights people and anyone who voted to the left of George Romney was a Communist. It didn't do the Right any good, and it doesn't promise any better for the Left.
"Pittsburgh is going to have the G-20 summit next month" - May God help you and the town....

What a mess....


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