Writing this discussion thread up to mirror the same one for the "All That is SPI" discussion thread.  What are the Avalon HIll games that--not only do you still play them--but they generally have not been superseded?  These games are not only classics, but they endure beyond those titles intended to replace them.  Some of them might get newer editions by other companies after AH went away, but it still counts so you can list them here!

So heree they are, those timeless AH wargames:

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This was my first wargame ever and it's amazing to me how well this has not only stood the test of time, but also how well it stands up to games intended to replace it.  There have been many attempts, but all fall short in one way or another.  Certainly this game looks and feels dated, but the play experience is still tense and exciting, capturing all the essential elements of the actual battle.  I still reach for this one after all these years.

I still have my copy Midway - as a sixteen year old Admiral in command of the American carriers, many were the times when I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory! My older brother having read accounts of the naval war in the Pacific made a much more tolerable Nagumo than I did a Spruance... This was also the first computer game my brother bought for his TRS-80 - back in the day when you had to load the game from a cassette tape.

One of my very favorite of the old AH games. It may have it's accuracy issues, but it always provides a wonderful gaming experience.

One of the most successful Russian front games of all time.  Avalon Hill republished this JEDKO title and brought into the light of mainstream wargaming.  For those of us brought up on the old STALINGRAD game, this was such a refreshing (and welcome) change.  Since republished in a 4th Edition by L2, the game still enjoys a large following and arguably it has not been replaced by other titles such as RUSSIA BESIEGED and RUSSIAN FRONT.  I have those games but still pull this one down from time to time.  It's just that good.

This is the game that allowed me to survive the loss of SPI. When I went from the classics to SPI, it was a step into wonder. I could not go back to BB '65 and the others. (Only Anzio never lost its luster when I went to SPI - perhaps because it seemed more akin to an SPI design.)

But TRC worked well as both a game AND a simulation, and like ASL later, it rewarded players who tried to master it by increasing its complexity as you increased your skills!

I played it heavily for 4 years from the fall of SPI to the birth of ASL, and was able to play people from across the country since it was such a popular favorite. And because it blended well with my first 300 baud modem in 1983, It was my first PBEM game - so early, I coined the term on GEnie. (The first game I played via computer was Across Suez in 1983 on the old CompuServe wargames board - so technically, it wasn't using 'email.' The next was TRC that same year, using email via GEnie. Ah, before we could access the world with email.... sigh. What heady times!)  

(OK, OK - the first game I played via computer was 'Tic Tac Toe' at Epply Airfield in Omaha, NE. In 1968, using an IBM Selectric as the I/O interface (yeah - that's right - NO monitor. PRINTED everything.) Ironically, it was the same years Tom Oleson (Anzio, later TRC) was in Omaha....)  


At the time it was published, this could be considered something approaching a monster game.  It seemed so big and the campaign game just took a long time to play.  And while there have been attempts to supersede it with other games, they were so different than this one that it just was impossible.  1776 remains the ultimate strategic American Revolutionary War game.  Best when played with the leader variant published in THE GENERAL!

Still have it - still love it!

Sadly this game is under appreciated, both when it was published and since.  No other game does for the World War II Italian Campaign what this one does.  It's been through four editions and--at the time and since--contained an innovative operational-level system.  This was one of those rare games that worked well both as a simulation and as a game.  Nothing else out there on the topic comes close.

Oh yeah. Soooo true. One of the great ones. I can't play it worth a darn, but I enjoy every minute of it! 

Still have it - still love it! I loved how this game really introduced the depletion aspect of a unit (No more A Elim - D Elim), with the systematic breakdown of the larger units.  Kinda the precursor to the multi-step units that is popular in recent designs (unit "flips" to the other side when it takes a hit).

Another JEDKO title that Avalon Hill brought to the light of day and has remained a timeless game ever since.  Often nicknamed "Dice At Sea," the system rewards statistical analysis but nevertheless is a fast fun play.  Inspired the follow-on hit VICTORY AT SEA.  Reprinted by L2 in a new gorgeous edition.

At the time of its publication, this was one of the most unusual ancients games ever made; two Roman legions fighting in what AH termed "a tactical doughnut" against Vercingetorix breaking out of the siege and the Gaul relief force breaking in from the outside.  Simple, big game with lots of units in the dead pile when it's over!  There's been one more siege game on this topic published since, but it doesn't quite match the approachability of this title and thus CAESAR: ALESIA remains the favorite.


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