Played live on vassal tonight. PLayed Hydaspes scenario. Alexander the Great (Me) vs an Indian army (Dave). Once again the epic game lived up to it's name and had an epic ending.

Several mounted charges on both sides whittled down the mounted units. Alexander's companions units really took a beating. The Macedonian center held until the Indian commander became inpatient and using double time movement attacked the Macedonian center. Indian elephants and Auxilia hit the center of Alexanders line. They with stood the initial attack and then counterattacked with medium and heavy infantry. Over the course of 2 turns the Indian attack was repelled with heavy loss.

With the banner score 11-10 in favor of the Indian army, the Indian commander made his plans to finish Alexander off and send him packing in shameful defeat. With needing only 2 banners to win the Indian commander had several weak Macedonian units to choose from. Alexander was backed up on the last hex row with a 1 strength companion unit facing 2 full strength medium cavalry. The Indian commander set a 1 strength heavy chariot against some light bowmen. He also set a full strength Auxilia to close combat a 1 strength medium cavalry, with a light bow unit in support. Lastly he had a 1 strength elephant against a 3 strength heavy infantry.

He attacked with the chariot first, rolling 4 die getting 1 hit. The light bowmen rolled 2 die and sure enough scored a hit eliminating the chariot. 11-11 banner score. He then chose to attack Alexander with one of the medium cavalry. Alexander stacked with a companions unit the unit gets to ignore 1 sword and 2 banners. He rolled 3 die to try and get a hit to kill the last companions unit and missed. Alexander got to battle back and rolled a medium, sword and leader for 3 hits, eliminating the full strength Indian medium cav. 12-11 banners in favor of Alexander. His next decision was to shoot his light bowmen against the 1 strength medium cav, rolling 2 die and getting a medium to eliminate it. 12-12 banners.

Now he faced a decision. Does he attack with the elephant against the heavy infantry rolling 5 die to try and get3 hits, hitting on red and swords, plus rerolling swords? Or should he try and take out the 1 step companions cav with Alexander stacked with it? He openly debated it. He felt that if he didn't kill the heavy infantry, the 1 step elephant unit was very vulnerable to the battle back. With the companions unit he only needed to kill 1 step. If he failed the odds of Alexanders battle back eliminating his full-strength unit were low. He decided to attack Alexander. Once again he missed with his 3 dice. Alexander once again got to battle back. And just like the first time he rolled a blue, a sword and a leader, eliminating another full-strength cav. Alexander pulls another battle out of the jaws of defeat for a 13-12 banner win.

I felt like I had a tremendous hand for the entire game. I had many inspired leadership cards, clash of shields, counterattack, and multiple same section cards. My die rolling, up until the end of the game, was atrocious. I would roll over the course of a turn 10 or 8 dice and only inflict 1 hit total. My opponent wasn't necessarily rolling that much better, but he always rolled a banner or more two. I think I retreated 4 to 5 units off the map, many of them at full strength. Dave said he felt his cards were very good except on the last turn.

These games always seem to come down to the very end. They are tension filled and man are they fun.

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