There will need to be some modification to the standard DT/EV rules to reflect the situation in the Falklands. Here are the first that come to mind.

1. SAM acquisition needs to occur during movement. A data link will allow acquisition to be passed to another ship.

2. Terrain Masking / Sea Skimming flight needs to be a separate altitude level.

3. Visibility needs to be taken into account for air units attacking ships.

4. And I'm thinking of rolling individually for each attacking plane's bombs and gunnery both for hit and effect.

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Seems OK to me. Which AA systems are you planning to include? Some of the SAM systems had optical guidance, not used in DT or EV.
All of them, actually. We know how they performed historically, and I have the Harpoon miniatures rules databook, so I should be able to come up with values for them.

The next thing that needs to be done is to come up with the forces involved for the historical attacks and their locations. Then we can work backwards and come up with ratings for the weapons that give historical results.
Well, the Harpoon Falklands War supplement is far from perfect :-)

I have quite a bit of information on Argentine operations including operational bases and numbers and weapon loads for most attacks.
I was going to start with scenarios replicating the historical actions - and then try to come up with some realistic campaign parameters.


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