Since this is the Malton Wargamers Defence Alliance, i.e. a group for those who are playing survivors in Malton, I think it's nice to have a thread dedicated to tactics and discussions how to coordinate actions to keep the zombies at bay.

I know that several CSW members are playing this game now and there's a blog over at the fora where those who play zombies discuss things with each other trying to hunt down poor survivors. So we need something to counter that and such a thread here certainly helps in achieving this - so let's make this the place to discuss how we can stay alive and how to keep the suburbs safe we are currently in.

For RPG reasons I don't go to the blog anymore where the zed players discuss things and I hope that for the same reason players who play a zombie stay out of this thread...

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It's a good idea, but I'm starting to wonder how we are going to survive long enough to join forces (...and how did that bunch of CSW zombies band together so quickly...???).

Anyway, I'm going to keep plugging away until I have a character that is strong enough to venture out and find others. In the meantime, if any of you are in or near Vinetown, let me know.
For zombies it's not that difficult to move around, the whole game is much more difficult for a survivor who really wants to survive. If a zombie is killed, it's only a small delay for him, if a survovor is killed he's zombified and didn't achieve his primary goal - to survive. It takes some time (sometimes days) to get a injection that brings one back to life.

Give us the name of your no.1 character with whom you will continue the game (in the Townsfolk thread) so we can add you to our contacts and recognize you ingame.
Andreas, I have been busy fighting off the zombies. I have been bitten three times so far. Fortunately, other survivors have healed me or i healed myself with a first aid kit. I have made it to Kinch Heights but searching has been difficult. I haven't been able to find you guys yet but i will. Are you in a heavily barricaded building? Don't tell me which one it is! I will see when I get free running skill. Until later, Andrew Ignosky(Lee)
I'm currently on a bounty hunting mission and quickly changing safe houses in the southern suburbs of Malton.

If you are killed or need medical help, you can send me or Andreas your location; we can revive you if you don't want to stay a zombie. I think Andreas is nearer to Kinch Heights because I'm following the hot trail of some PKers.

If you get killed by another survivor (a living one, not a zombie!), make a screenshot of this kill. You can press charges against him and the Malton Police is always happy about such reports. You can send this screenshot to me; I will put him on the bounty list. We can hunt him down legally then.
Good luck bounty hunting! Does it require a special skill to go bounty hunting?

I definitely don't want to stay a zombie so i will notify you here of my location if that is safe to do! Good luck finding the PKer's! What are their names? I will be on the lookout for them!

Thanks for the tips! see you around!

If you're hunting PK'ers, the Vinetown/Osmondville area is filthy with them.

Also, check out this link:

Lots of targets for you....
Thank you! I'm already aware of the current PKer situation in the area because we are currently hunting down some specific members of specific groups out there.

If you spot very dangerous PKers, you can PM me their names and positions, I will pass on the information to the other bounty hunters then.

Amber Waves of Pain is a classic. If you want to learn how she and her comrades founded one of the most dangerous PKer groups in Malton, you should check out this movie, it's nicely done:
Thanks Denny,

The PK'ers up here have helped to make life very unpleasant up here, so it's good to know you are already on the case. I'll let you know the names & ID numbers of any that I encounter.
Is it good to have a GPS unit to use?
It depends. The GPS unit displays the coordinates of your current location. You shouldn't click on the unit, it is a waste of AP because you will only get the message: "The GPS unit is always on, and has no special functions".

I use UDtoolbar and UDhome, so I have the current coordinates anyway. I need those for communication purposes, for example if I spot something of importance during a scouting mission which I want to share with like-minded people *cough*. I won't go into detail here ;)

You also can use the coordinates to remember certain locations, for example your safe house (if it is a anonymous place without a specific name, such as a junkyard). If you don't need the current coordinates or if you use another tool which displays them, you can drop the GPS unit.
My character, Andrew Ignosky, has been killed and zombiefied. I have to make a new character! I had just bought free running as a skill too. I was inside a building when the zombies broke down the barricade and killed all the survivors in the building. I think there were about 4 of us in the building. I will be more careful about where i hide from now on.
This is a painfully familiar experience. Head for a revive point and wait.


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