In Malton I'm known as Mark Harrigan, a former firefighter who now takes things in his own hands to find those who are responsible for the virus outbreak that killed his entire family...
Currently I'm staying in Kinch Heights -

Mark Harrigans UD User page:

Who are you? Tell us...

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Denny, I'm currently in Jennie General Hospital. I have found a first aid kit. I'm still four blocks from the Screech Lane Police Dept. I made the mistake of going outside the police dept and I couldn't get back in! :-) Are you still in Kinch Heights?
Lee, these days it's rather easy to find FAKs in the hospitals because many hospitals were targeted by the zombies and the medical supply is therefore concentrated in the hospitals that still work. Best strategy in your situation is to spend a day (say 20 APs) searching for FAKs and when you have around 10 kits in your inventory looking out for folks you can heal (either helping the doctors in the hospitals or - after making sure you know where the next Entry Point is (= any building with a barricade level not above Very Strongly Barricaded) helping wounded survivors on the streets). Until you get together your first 100 XP (which is what you need to learn the free running skill) you are extremely vulnerable in Malton and due to the need of staying close to possible entry points very limited in your movement radius. Currently Denny and I are in Samways Walk Railway Station.
Andreas, Thanks for the advice. I will definitely stay in the hospital. Right now there are about 50 people in the hospital. I will try to help the doctors! :-) I hope you guys are safe in the Railway station. Is it very strongly barricaded? How do I tell how many experience points I have accumulated? I think I have 14.
The railway station is extremely heavily barricaded which is the reason you can't get in without free running (with the skill you still need an entry point, a building up to very heavily barricaded, but then you can jump from roof to roof and enter the building through the windows, no matter what the barricade level is and without the need to walk outside on the streets.)

The stats are displayed on the left side of your UD interface. If your UDToolbar is working they are shown as numbers as well as by using bars with different colours.

Does it work now? Did you try the patch as I suggested?

And no, you don't have any XP at the moment (I can see this when I open 'my contacts'). I suppose the 14 points are your remaining APs. You only get XP by doing certain actions, like killing, healing, DNA extracting zombies etc..
I haven't tried the patch yet! Can you send me the information again? Thanks, Lee
Second page of this thread, last posting :-)
Here's a complete listing of the actions that will give you XP:

Activities that earn XP

* Combat (fighting Zombies) - XP gained is equal to damage dealt for human-zombie combat. A bonus of 10 XP is granted when you kill your targets by reducing them to 0 HP. Combat is the main method of XP gain available to zombies.
* Combat (fighting your own) - Human-human or zombie-zombie combat earns half the normal rate described above (rounded down for odd amounts of damage).
* First Aid - a player who uses a first-aid kit on another player gains 5 XP (the First Aid and Surgery skills, which increases the amount healed, do not change the XP gained). Players healing themselves do not earn XP. Curing infection does not give XP.
* DNA Extraction - players with the NecroTech Employment skill can use DNA extractors to send data on a zombie back to the NecroTech corporation for 4 XP. Each zombie can be "tagged" only once in calendar day (by UK time). Repeated attempts on zombies in a stack move down the stack with each attempt.
* Revivification - a player with the Lab Experience skill who uses a revivification syringe on a zombie that does not have Brain Rot gains 10 XP.
* Tagging - a player with the Tagging skill and a spray can can gain 2 XP for putting graffiti on Armories, Monuments and Police Departments and 1 XP for putting graffiti on Banks, Mansions, Power Stations and Schools.
* Dumping bodies - clearing a building of bodies earns 1 XP per body, but bodies must be removed individually.
* Repairing Buildings - repairing a building that has been Ransacked will give 1 XP.
* Repairing Equipments - repairing a generator or a radio that has been damaged will give 1 XP.
* Reading - reading a book has a 10% chance of giving 1 XP through studying (2 XP for Scientist class players).
* Destroying Barricades (zombies) - Removing a barricade level from a building will give zombies 1 point of XP per level removed. Survivors get no experience for removing barricades.
* Ransacking Buildings (zombies) - Ransacking a building will give zombies 1 XP.
* Equipment Destruction (zombies) - Destroying a generator or radio transmitter will give zombies 5 XP.
* Decoration Destruction - When a building is ransacked, zombies can destroy a single decoration for 1AP and 1XP. Only one item is destroyed at a time, and survivors cannot destroy the decorations.

Activities that don't earn XP

* Barricade - Barricading a building does not give XP, but does make for a safe place to sleep for the night, and offers a chance for zeds to earn XP by smashing them.
* Ruin (zombies) - Ruining a building does not give XP.
* Attack the barricades (survivors) - Attacking barricades grants no XP for survivors.
* Attack the generator/transmitter (survivors) - Attacking radios and generators grants no XP for survivors.
Hi survivors of Malton! Let's hunt some zombies! I too am a cop and my name is Andrew Ignosky. I'm in the Linch street Police station. I have searched the neighboring buildings and found a few dead bodies lying around. I will be searching tonight if my luck holds out! Look for me on the streets! I have a pistol, flak jacket, and a radio. I have no skills yet.
I added you to my list, so I won't miss you when we meet in the streets. Our positions are very close to each other - I'm sure we will meet soon ;)
I had the wrong police dept. I'm in the Screech Lane Police Dept. At the moment, I'm searching the streets! I'm sure we'll meet soon! :-) I'm in Wykes Hill suburb
Since you don't have the Free Running skill yet, you can't enter the railway station because it is extremely heavy barricaded. The nearest entry point for you is Urban General Hospital, just NE from my railway station.

You should stay near Screech Lane Police Dept., though - the police department in my district is barricaded so you can't use it to find some ammo unless you get Free Running. You should get this skill as soon as possible, it's vital for surviving.
I have no experience points yet so I can't get that skill yet! How can I get it?


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