Alright, I will try to go through a training scenario and I will post pictures to explain my moves and the rules governing them.

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The game turn starts with reinforcements and replacements. This when both sides chooses a mix of supply dumps and replacement points. The supply dumps (SD) are used not only to keep you in supply but also to offer you a greater variety of choices during the operation phase.

The next phase is the Viet Minh (VM) movement phase when VM may move all units. This is followed by the French expeditionary force (FEF) movement phase.

Then it is the attrition phase when units who have an out of supply marker (OoS) on them will loose a step unless they are now in supply.

After that comes the mighty operation phase. More on that later.

Finally, there is the supply check phase.

Stay tuned.
There are several victory hexes on the map above (the shaded hexes) but the only ones which are important in this special scenario are Tuyen Quang, Nghia Lo and Na San. The victory conditions are simple. If you control all three then you win a substantial victory. If you control two of them then it is a marginal victory. FEF may not enter Thai Nguyen (top right) simply because there is a full VM division there in the full scenario (they are guarding the northern delta further east).
In this short scenario there are no reinforcements but there are replacements. Normally you decide a mix between the number of replacement points and SD that you wish to receive, but here it will be 1 SD each and 2 replacement points for VM and 4 for FEF (you can see it in the top left corner). The VM SD normally turns up in China but here it will during the movement phase turn up in Thai Nguyen or any road hex east of the mountains if there is a uncut road back to Thai Nguyen, not passing through FEF ZoC. The FEF SD will turn up in Hanoi during the Reinf/Repl phase.
The terrain is less expensive for VM to move into than it is for the FEF. All units on both sides have a double movement point value if one move without starting, ending or passing through enemy ZoC. The thing is that FEF ZoC does not extend into forest and mountains.

VM 312 div together with 148 rgt start off with overrunning Nghia Lo defended by a Thai bn (French battalion consisted highlanders) and two GCMA (anti-VM guerilla units in the highlands). These are good troops but brittle since they only have one step each. The defender get -1 on the die roll for being in a trench but the attacker get +1 for having one better in morale. I get an EX-DL result which means an exchange (one step loss each) and an extra step loss for the defender. The Thai bites the dust and the rest retreats into Tu Le and thereby save themselves one step loss. Neither side becomes disorganised (DG). The kill and the VM advance gets VM a replacement point. The VM engineer unit creates a temporary road in its own hex in the hex other units enter when they exit the engineer's hex.


Alright, the Viets mean business. FEF feels that Na San needs some reinforcements. FEF has 3 air transport to use each game turn, Each air transport can transport 3 stacking points or 1 SD. So, I move some legionaires and some Moroccans and Senegalese there. I let a group of serious men advance up towards Clear river while leaving some legionaires guarding Vinh Yen. The Tieu Doan (regional VM battalion) has the ability to retreat before combat which it does. A DNA (naval assault unit) has many functions. One of them is that it can transport 3 stacking points. So, the DNA from Son Tay grabs 3 units and overruns the Tieu Doan in front of them. This time VM decides to stand and fight. Each VM unit can try an ambush before the combat die is rolled. You choose of of the FEF units and roll against its morale. If equal or higher it will lose a step. If a "6" is rolled the VM will lose a step as well. This time it fails and the following combat die roll produces an Ex-DL killing the Tieu Doan but also 1 FEF step. The DNA leaves a unit there and continues another two hexes.

Now, it will be the operation phase. Both sides decides to spend an SD in order to have more options. If neither player would spend an Sd the whole phase is skipped, which is a way speeding through a game turn where nothing much is due to happen. Each side receives 10 operations each. VM starts by rolling a die and halve it producing a result between 1-3. This is the number of points VM must spend in a row. Then FEF does the sam. Basically, each point allows you to either:

a) remove DG markers (disorganised) and/or destroyed road markers b) Move a stack of uits c) Exchange an SD for 3 trench markers d) Barrage with an airstrike (FEF currently has 7 airstrike barrage strength points) e) Barrage with artillery (together with an airstrike) f) Attack with troops (from many hexes, insteda of overrunning from a single hex)

VM rolls and may spend 1 operation point.
The engineer creates temporary roads in its own hex and in the hex in its ZoC which other units enter when they exit the hex with the engineer. Can be very useful when the main VM battleforce has to be on the move.

With only 1 ops to spend I would like to get those SD in Yen Bay to a secure place. One do not want to lose one's supply.

The movement costs are these:

Rough 2 for VM, 3 for FEF; Forest 3 for VM, 4 for FEF; Mountain: 5; Clear 1; Road 2; Minor river +1; Major river +2;

For motorised units (like artillery and truck transports), it is:

Rough 4; Forest 7; Mountain 14; Clear 2; Road 2; Minor river +2; Major river +3;

FEF rolled and gets 3 ops to spend

Those GCMA are in supply anywhere in the highlands (all hexes within the rough terrain) and they can retreat before combat just like the Tieu Doan. Maybe they should spread and try to block new VM SD coming in. The Thai are in supply within 3 hexes of a friendly FEF village in the highlands (GCMA and Thai are the only FEF units with special supply "abilities").

Converting that SD in Na San into a trench might also be a good idea. All units in trenches are in supply (since you used SD to construct the trenches). An SD has a supply radius of three hexes so by converting it into a trench means you will lose that radius.

You repair up to three roads by simply stand on them and spend an ops.

The DNA can keep units on a major river in "river supply" if the supply center (SD or Hanoi) is within 5 river hexes. Tieu Doan does not block this.


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