I'm just waiting for my order of B&B to arrive, which BGGeek says "re-implements" Eisenbach Gap. My question is: Is it worth getting both games? Thanks for your help.

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IMHO, and I am biased it is worth. Same system but two different situations. In Eisenbach you have americans versus soviet (M1, M113, M901, some bradleys T72, T55, T62 BMP1 and BTR) B&B add the british army of the Rhine, some older US equipment and German territorials plus hordes of reds and more fun (airpower, bridge laying, Apaches...)

I would suggest to get both! Also beacuse some scenarios requires pieces from both.

Thanks for the reply. I suspected it would be worth getting, and at the moment, it's a relatively small number of games to try and (eventually) get the whole series! I just needed someone to convince me to part with my cash :-)

I'm guessing the scenarios you mention are from the Line of Fire magazine, which I see sometimes has additional counters as well. Has anyone used these? Thanks again.
I play LOF scenarios quite often... there is even a battle report on LOF6 penned by ome on a previous LOF scenario. also I think one of the scenario in B&B that uses some counters for Eisenbach. Also look at battle withing Battles expansion that combines all the games published.

and LOF scenarios are great!
Absolutely, Peter. If you like the system, go for it. Eisenbach has a different map, forces and scenarios but the rules are basically the same. Enjoy - it's a great series of games. Hermann
Like most everybody else I would say - buy them all, it's an amazing system and really, really is fun. I was out of gaming and this is the game that sucked me back in.

I would say though, if you can only afford one -buy Eisenbach Gap first, Mark is a doing a good job with managing the expansions so if you go in order you can't go wrong.
Well, I've just heard that an order I placed - and paid for! - last week for MMP/Gamers OCS Tunisia has had to be cancelled, as the store doesn't have the game after all :-( Never mind, I've decided to use that money to get Eisenbach Gap and Death of the First Panzer! This could be a great weekend :-)

Anyway, another question please: Have there been any significant rule changes to the system in the time between EG and B&B were released? I'd prefer not to learn something for EG, only to find it's been changed for B&B and that gamers now think EG works better with the revised rules (I hope that makes sense). Thanks again for the great feedback.
My own thought - and some folks may disagree - is to go ahead and buy Eisenbach Gap and then go ahead and download the B&B rules - that way you get the best of both worlds...


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