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  • St Charles, MO
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    Cosmic Love
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    Someone Like You
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    No Heaven
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    Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
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    White Rabbit
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    The Sound Of Silence
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    You Can't Always Get What You Want
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    Sympathy for the Devil
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    Live & Let Die
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    Bring Me to Life
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    Hotel California
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    I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  • 14.
    Livin' on the Edge
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    The Lion Sleeps Tonight
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Too Many Games, Too Little Time!

Profile Information

Your introduction to consim gaming:
My dad knew I liked history and maps/geography, so when he saw Murfreesboro at the hobby store he bought it for me. The battle happened to have taken place on my birthday almost 120 years before. I've been hooked ever since...
Your favorite game(s):
I have many "favorites", but the one I actually have worn the numbers off the counters is A Gleam of Bayonets (SPI/GBACW). I think I've actually played more games total of Commands & Colors: Ancients than any I have...

I love the SCS (Gamers/MMP) & Operation Typhoon/VitW (SPI) series plus various other classics...
What game(s) are you currently playing (solitaire, FTF, PBEM, etc.) or wish to play next?
Fall Blau available from Compass Games, Vassal module available on Vassal website. Kharkov Battles (Fall Blau Sequel) up for pre-order from Compass Games...
What game(s) have you played recently?
Fall Blau & Kharkov Battles (Compass); Salerno (MMP)...
In general, how much time do you spend gaming?
Whenever I can...
How big is your game collection?
Slim, currently less than 100...
About Me
Ex-Navy Electrician during Desert Storm, born & raised in Southern California, divorced with two daughters (one 25 in Texas & one 28 in Utah), now living in the St Louis area.
Personal Interests (favorite activities, movies, shows, books, music, etc.)
Wargames and Computer FPS & RTS (if you have to ask what these are, then you haven't really gotten into PC gaming).

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Eric Walters commented on Greg Blanchett's photo

Fall Blau Grand Campaign Extension

"We can't wait for this one!"
May 20, 2020
Greg Blanchett posted a photo

Fall Blau Grand Campaign Extension

Map D to be included in the sequel Kharkov Battles coming out soon...
May 15, 2020
Greg Blanchett joined Andy Loakes's group

Limey Yank Games

Do you visit Limey Yank Games for Cyberboard gameboxes, counter scans, etc.? If so please feel free to subscribe to this group - it will be good to put some names and faces to those visitor stats.See More
May 8, 2020
Greg Blanchett commented on Nate's group Victory in the West series and related games
"Someday... yes... Compass wants it and games with the strength chit system... with all this even received email from another interested publisher... the game is complete... just have to tailor it to whichever way they want to publish."
Apr 12, 2020
Greg Blanchett updated their profile
Apr 6, 2020
Greg Blanchett joined Jo Bader's group

Second Front

This is my tun-based game 'Second Front' for PC and Mc. It is showing tactical WW2 actions of single leader, troops, weapons like MGs or Flamethrowers up to Tanks and Guns. It comes with a map- and scenario-editor for players can share their ideas on steam workshop.See More
Mar 30, 2020
Greg Blanchett commented on brian s. b.'s group zun tzu
"Found my exe file embedded in encoded folders under Apps/2.0/Data... in one folder is a library.xml with the following line inside... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" standalone="yes"?> Obviously my…"
Jan 11, 2020
Greg Blanchett commented on brian s. b.'s group zun tzu
"Nope, same message Gary was getting "ZunTzu will be back online soon... ""
Jan 11, 2020

Greg Blanchett's Blog

Iron Tide AAR

Currently in progress, a solo campaign run of Nathan's wonderful Bulge game, Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes. Just past the 10 turn point where VP total was one point shy of a German marginal victory. Let's see how this plays out...


Link to AAR

Posted on December 4, 2011 at 2:39pm — 1 Comment

Operation Typhoon (SPI) - Solo Campaign AAR (RAW)

Taking a short break from Fall Blau work to run through the one that started it all...

AAR Folder on CSW

Posted on March 21, 2009 at 11:00pm — 13 Comments

Fall Blau Progress Report

As I work to put finishing touches on the counters, I have posted the current drafts of the rules in the games' folder:

Fall Blau: Army Group South, June to December 1942

Hopefully, I will soon be starting another round of alpha testing in preparation for CSWE 2009. It is my plan to have at least a couple kits ready and with me in Tempe. It will be my first CSWE and first major open display of my… Continue

Posted on December 11, 2008 at 3:30pm — 44 Comments

My Personal Look At Graphics

Case Study Two: Watermarks.

There seems to be a current trend for tactical games to use watermarks of unit badges on their counters. Most of the time either the badge is generic or only partially used.

This begs the question... "Why?"

More often than not, the reply is basically... "Why not?"

True, for a good majority of the counters this… Continue

Posted on June 2, 2008 at 11:50am — 5 Comments

My Personal Look At Graphics

Case Study One: War for the Motherland from Six Angles #9, versus the MMP remake, Red Star Rising.

I became interested in this game after noticing discussion of RSR as it was being worked on. I had no prior knowledge of details except having heard of FGA/Rampart's War for the Motherland issue (as they were taking a well deserved dirt nap). I am a big fan of strength chit games (duh, look at my current design project) and have been very receptive to Masahiro's work. So… Continue

Posted on May 30, 2008 at 1:20pm — 20 Comments

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At 4:48am on December 31, 2012, Nate said…

Happy Birthday Greg! Party all day... 

At 6:00am on April 17, 2012, Steve Trauth said…

I hear you -- first person shooters have a habit of making feel a little seasick; in addition to my computers are (even now) a little too out of date to make playing anything like this much fun -but I keep telling myself, someday it will change (don't know what I am going to do about the seasickness thing though).

I'm fairly terrible at them (and I think I might be putting a positive spin on "abilities".  I do like taking the odd screenshot, however...  I'm also terrible at IL2 as well (but -well. . . same story really... screenshots are about all I have.) :)

At 12:04am on February 6, 2012, Daniel Red Cloud Brown said…

Hi Greg !

I just saw your message about S&T#264 "Shiloh". Interesting about the system being from Avalon Hill's "Gettysburg '77" - when I was beginning wargaming I bought RHBerg's "Terrible Swift Sword", while at the same time my best friend and opponent in high school bought AH's "Gettysburg '77". Hands down, we played TSS exclusively. We tried GB77 several times, going through all three rules sets, but....-spurred on by the fact that Avalon Hill wasted the mapwork of the game... we found the basic game listless and not worth the time and effot, the "Advanced Game" to be needlessly complicated and did not resemble history. But, recalling the two games we played of the Intermediate game, that was the best of the efforts.


         It's good to hear of the Chancellorsville game  (everyone knows how difficult it is to come up with a good game on that battle - the only one I ever had the pleasure to play was RHBerg's "Pinnacle of Victory" -but event then it had to be an Umpired-4 Player game. two copies of the game, one set up in the basement, the other set up in a den and the umpire got to run up and down the stairs - Great Fun, but we did question the worth of the effort.)


        I still have yet to buy one of Decision Games new folio games. I've been reading the comments on CSW forum and I'm impressed with the comments on how well the games play; certainly NOT the old SPI Quad games-level simplicity.

                 So far, it's still 2 - 2 Union/Confederate Victories ! I'm really liking this game.

At 8:27pm on April 6, 2009, Smitty said…
I also need to get to Russia Beseiged!
At 1:26pm on April 6, 2009, Smitty said…
Indeed it is - waiting to see what the weather is going to be!
At 6:43am on April 3, 2009, Smitty said…
Murfreesboro - my great great grandfather last 2 fingers there in 1862....
At 7:03pm on September 13, 2008, Smitty said…
Murfreesboro - my great grand daddy lost 2 fingers there!
At 5:58am on June 23, 2008, Stephen G said…
Thanks for the invite, might need to leave it a couple of weeks to get involved in testing...are there any other Australian members interested?
At 8:44am on June 17, 2008, Stephen G said…
Hi Greg, I see you are creating a game using derivative of the VitW system. Interested in helping out in playtest if needed. I've been playtesting Salerno with Nathan K recently which whet my appetite again. Regards. Steve
At 6:29pm on March 28, 2008, John Kranz said…
sounds good re: those gaming dates, Greg. I'll plan to make a visit.

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"These are my custom scenario tracking pages Scenario_Tracking_2021.pdf"
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