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Point 2 Point 50: WBC 2011 and Conquest of Nerath

Ummm...you missed a spot! Okay, Jason actually missed a whole month! But he is back with his report of WBC 2011, along with his monthly (okay, for the most part) coverage of feedback and the news in wargaming. 

And Chad offers a review of a game that takes place in a land that Grimnir himself might enjoy: Conquest of Nerath. …


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Point 2 Point 49: Historicon, King Phillip's War, and the Games 100

direct download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/point2point/Point_2_Point_49.mp3

In this ultramegasupersized episode, Jason interviews two figures from Historicon. The first is Walt O'Hara, who was kind enough to extend the invite to Jason and who also just happens to be the man behind the "Historical Simulations" category of the annual Games 100 (from Games Magazine). The second is… Continue

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Point 2 Point 48: Pseudocon 22 AAR and White Star Rising

He did it! In his ongoing challenge to himself to publish 12 podcasts in 2011, Jason is back on track with his SECOND episode in June (just barely)! In this slightly truncated episode, Chad offers a review of Lock 'n Load's White Star Rising in his (newly named!) segment. Jason gives some wargaming news and responds to some feedback. He then discusses his recent gaming and the surprisingly limited wargaming at Pseudocon this year. He also offers his first impression of Runewars and dodges the… Continue

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Psuedocon is THIS weekend!

Well, for those of you waiting for Episode 48 to come out, good news! I should have more material after this weekend!


Yep, it's time for that invasion of multiplayer gaming goodness that is known as Pseudocon. The few and the proud who have been able to make it to P-con know (and may have been disappointed to learn) that, honestly, it's more about the multiplayer than it is about the wargame. Lots of light gaming, some euros, more hybrids, but very few wargames actually make…


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Point 2 Point 47: Wargame Rankings and Command and Colors Napoleonics


This episode finds another guest reviewer submitting a segment; Chad, better known as Grimnir, offers a discussion of the Command and Colors system as a whole, along with a review of Command and Colors: Napoleonics. Jason also works through some feedback and news and discusses the games he's been playing lately. Jason also discusses an interesting geeklist that changes the lens through which we look at wargame rankings. This inspires him to look at some other ways of looking at the…


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Point 2 Point 45: Julius Caesar, Battleground, and Little Bighorn

In this episode, Jason goes through some feedback, opens the package from Your Move Games, and focuses on a smaller publisher for his pre-order spotlight. He also has some wargaming news, good and bad, and goes through some feedback. Add to this the standard games played, poll results and other fun at the end of the episode, and you get the best two hours in wargaming. Other than gaming itself, of course.


Remember! Still looking for contest entries (contest extended to April…


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No Point 2 Point in March??? Oh NO!

Okay, it's not that bad. I have recorded everything, I just haven't had a chance to finish the editing.


So, it will be out by the end of the weekend (April 3 at the latest).


Been crazy busy this month between basketball season for my sons ending, along with winter soccer seasons, and then spring soccer starting up. Add to that some face to face gaming, without which there would be no podcast :), and I haven't had much time to record and even less to…


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Point 2 Point 44: Components, Hellenes, and a CONTEST!

Jason flies solo again, and can't seem to shut up! Over TWO hours in this solo ep. Jason addresses feedback where he announces the first ever CONTEST for P2P! Then he covers the last month (plus some) of news that fit to print--er--say. He also gives a rundown of things to consider when rating components, along with some "anchor" games that are examples of each "dice-level" rating. After this comes a full review of the GMT block game Hellenes. He also talks over some recent gaming (meeting…


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New Year's Resolutions: January - two new games (for me)!

Well, it's the end of January and I'm working on my resolutions. The two that affect my wargaming life are as follows:


1. New podcast each month (check! - Episode 43 of Point 2 Point is available at point2point.libsyn.com) - And I'm well along in working on ep 44 for February - a good news segment, some good feedback, playing some games...


2. Learn a new game each month - And I've learned TWO! Caesar XL, which I'll talk about after I finish my PBEM game with…


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Point 2 Point 43: Jason Flies Solo

Jason flies solo for this new episode of P2P. He talks about a number of games including: Hellenes, Hearts and Minds, Command and Colors Ancients, Combat Commander Pacific, and Asia Engulfed, among others. He also gives his current top ten list and his hot ten list. He introduces some new segments, including a pre-order of the month. This month he focuses on GMT's first design in the Fighting Formations series, a game focused on the Grossdeutschland Division. After the credits, you are…


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Post production update on P2P 43

Okay...I'm working on it.


A couple of updates:


1. I've edited through my top ten list and my hot ten (had a fairly significant mistake in that one, but I'm leaving it).


2. Still some significant updating to do:

a. I have a pre-order of the month, but, after I recorded, I learned some signficant things about that pre-order game. I need to re-record a significant portion of that preview.

b. The "Extra Point" segment is a go, but I'm…


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Point 2 Point 43 has been recorded!

Okay, it's only kind of news, as I will be editing it, but there are some significant aspects of this:

1. It is just me. I hope I carry things well enough until Scott and I can get back together.

2. It has a significant format change. I have a list of things to talk about and a number of them will be recurring "features" such as a pre-order to watch or my ten "hot games."

3. I hope it will spark discussion here or in the bgg guild that I (and Scott) can respond to in…


Added by Jason White on January 4, 2011 at 8:23pm — 6 Comments

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