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Connections 2013: 22-25 July in Dayton Ohio

Connections 2013 will be held 22 through 25 July 2013 at the Tec^Edge, Dayton, Ohio – and virtually worldwide.

Connections is the only national conference dedicated specifically to wargaming. Since 1993 Connections has worked to advance and preserve the art, science and application of wargaming by bringing together all elements of the field (military, commercial and academic) so that practitioners can exchange information on achievements, best practices and needs.



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PrezCon 2013--the 20th Annual Convention of the Winter Nationals

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so it's better to check out the full album here.  

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Initial Impressions of GMT's revisions of Jim Day's PANZER board wargame--plus expansions.

You can check out my review of the "Basic" PANZER game here.

Here are the reviews for Expansion #1 and…


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You can read my "First Impressions" multi-part review of the game at Board Game Geek here.

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Confessions of an X-Box General

The Army's new PC-based computer game, URBANSIM, test driven by a journalist--posted on Foreign Policy Online:,0

"Can a computer game teach the Army how to defeat the Taliban?" is the subtitle.  What do YOU think?

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Overkill on the Grossdeutschland?

Now, it's one thing to have a series of games that stretches on for quite a number of years, such as The Gamers'/MMP's Tactical Combat Series family of games on the Grossdeutschland. After all, there was GD '40 nearly two decades ago covering the GD infantry regiment at Stonne in May of 1940. Then there was … Continue

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Wall Street Journal--"Be a Gamer, Save the World"

This weekend's edition of WSJ had this article that I simply had to share--you can read it online here.


One of the more interesting segments of the piece--which is really aimed at videogamers--was something I thought applied to board wargames as well.  The article argues that gaming provides four major experiences that, according to author Jane…


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While the time and venue of WINTER OFFENSIVE this year was much as previous ones, this event was just a little bit different.  For one, while this convention/tournament was always predominately about ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER (ASL for ALS fundraising), this year it seemed that ASL dominated even more than usual.  Last year there were a lot of non ASL games going on, but this year there weren't quite as many.  That…


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Card Driven Games and Block Games--"History Lite" Run Amok?

I've seen a recurring thread in some postings, both here and elsewhere, over the years about how wargaming seems to be migrating further and further towards these kinds of games.  I can't recall where I first read it, but some grognard appended the label of "history lite" to these designs.  Is it an accurate appellation?  

I like a lot of these kinds of games, but then again I don't expect the same depth of insight from them as I do games using more traditional design methods.  But…


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Why I Am A Wargaming Grognard

Why I am a wargame grognard--reposted (and expanded)--from Board Game Geek here.

For starters, it's because I'm old enough to be one. Born in 1959 (you do the math). Started wargaming seriously in 1974 (you do the math again). A lot of grognards--at least those…


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What Grognards Grumble About In Their Games--And How It Changes Over Time

Reposted from Board Game Geek here.

Everybody has their pet peeves about what they don't like in games, even some of their favorite ones. I always find it interesting to listen to, especially when I don't know or am not familiar…


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War Room & Man Cave--Send Us Your Game Room pictures!

Everybody needs a STAVKA, a "Wolf's Lair," or some other place to gather wargaming friends to play:

Walters War Room, circa 2007.

Admittedly, I am most impressed with Bert Schneider's Man Cave/War Room decor seen here and his recent addition of camouflage curtains…


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Golden SPI Oldies We'd Like to See Re-Released

Since Decision Games is republishing classic SPI titles, are there games you wish they'd get back into circulation?

While Doc Decision and his friendly folks have been doing major redesigns of some games (e.g., WACHT AM RHEIN 2, DESTRUCTION OF ARMY GROUP CENTER, BARBAROSSA), other games have only gotten relatively minor tweaks (e.g.,…


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What Wargames Do You Hope to See Under the Tree?

Tell us your Christmas List wargames. No guarantee that Santa will listen, but who knows!

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Geomorphic Vs. "Real" Terrain Wargame Maps?

Which is preferred? Does it honestly matter all that much to wargamers?

Historical terrain (shown here in the mapsheet for the HASL VALOR OF THE GUARDS on the left)? Or geomorphic generic terrain (shown on the right in ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER STARTER KIT…

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Not Your Grandfather's PANZER LEADER

I just received a copy of Lock 'N Load's NATIONS AT WAR: WHITE STAR RISING game and thought I'd share a few impressions of it with you.

This ain't your granddad's PANZER LEADER game by a long stretch, despite superficial…

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In the Special Edition #3 of MMP's OPERATIONS magazine, one of the games contained therein is yet another offering on Operation BARBAROSSA, entitled FURY IN THE EAST .

Given the title, I had visions of the Civil War, imagining a companion game to Battleline's/Avalon Hill's old classic, FURY IN THE WEST, for those who remember it! Ho hum, I thought. How many games do I have on this topic? Why…

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Decision Games Folio Series versus Victory Point Games: The Chase Is On!

They're back--the venerable and more beloved titles from the old Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI) folio game list, updated and reissued by Decision Games. Oh, and there are handful of new titles added to the mix. Check out the list at the DG website here.

The good news is that those old "dog" titles from the various old SPI Quadrigames don't seem to present in the mix. For example, while…

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Black Counter Graphics for SS: History and Controversy

Yeah, it took me a while, but I finally got the BLACK SS scenario book and countersheet for the Panzergrenadier series. Those friendly folks at Avalanche Press had long resisted making black counters for the SS in that game but finally folded. For those that don't play that series, SS counters had been distinguished by a camouflage pattern.…

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