Generate Countersheets or Hexmaps from Command-Line

I'm adding the following paragraph to the readme.html file of the next release of Inkscape Boardgame Extensions:

For advanced users, if you want to use these scripts from the command-line,
there's little to stop you. You need to have the
lxml python module
and (from the Inkscape extensions directory) in your python
module path
(PYTHONPATH) and then execute the script with the SVG
file as first argument (after any options). For a list of
options for a command you can execute for example:
python --help
As an example on how to create a countersheet without starting Inkscape:
python -d units.csv counter_templates.svg > countersheet.svg
This can be very useful if you write scripts to automate creation of all
components for a game in a single command, or to automatically update
images in modules for VASSAL (or similar) (see the -b, -w, -y, and -f
options). You may also have to use this technique when producing big
countersheets as Inkscape will unfortunately
easily run out of memory and be unable to display too big SVG files.
Notice that the output SVG is written to standard output of the script.

Thought it could be useful to some of you, even if I understand most people will be happier just
clicking around doing things in the GUI, which is of course fine as well (execpt when you run out
of memory, but buying more RAM should fix that as well :) ).

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