The good news is the game has been picked up by Compass Games and a very experienced and well respected Game developer will be working on this project. I am very excited about this, Compass have produced some very well received games and I am sure with their support this game will be even better.

Anyway here is the latest AAR instalment of the playtesting of the scenarios for ‘Squad Patrol.’ In this scenario a British section is attempting to rescue two downed RAF pilots. The British pilots are being held by a small group of German soldiers at a farmhouse a little way from the front line. The British have discovered the whereabouts of the pilots from the local French population. The Germans unaware their position was known were taken by surprise by the British rescue attempt.

The Germans set up in the grey zone, in and around the farmhouse. Only three soldiers may be set up facing the direction the Brits are going to approach from, and no more than four soldiers can be set-up in any building. The Germans are ‘Surprised’ and can take no action until a British soldier is spotted or takes an offensive action.

The British plan was simple. Half the section ‘A’ would crawl along the stream and get as close to the house as possible. ‘B’ The soldiers will then lay down covering fire while ‘C’ quickly advanced to the stone wall. ‘B’ will keep firing while ‘C’ will enter the house and free the pilots.

Half the Brits advanced along the stream and were not noticed by the German guards. The Brits then opened fire on the three Germans facing them. The surprise fire was very effective with several hits and all three Germans dropped prone out of sight without any return fire.

The British ‘C’ force rushed up to the wall and quickly dispatched a suppressed German guard. Two of the Brits in the stream dashed forward only to have a German grenade drop on them from an upper story window. A British grenade was thrown over the wall in the distance to slow down the Germans organising their defence and reinforcing the house.

The Brits caught in the grenade blast were effectively eliminated from the battle, one KIA and Seriously Wounded. Pvt. Joiner of the British army rushed Ochs at the corner of the house and dispatched him in hand-to-hand combat. Nadel dropped a grenade out of a second story window but this time the blast was less effective. In the distance the British forces moved out of the stream and set up a firing position from the stone wall.

The Brits with two two-man fire-teams at the stone wall attempted to prevent any German movement. Both sides laid down withering fire. The rest of ‘C’ group rushed towards the house. Pvt Gott took advantage of a lull in the firing and dashed to the house.

The Germans running low on grenades threw two out of the second story windows. Pvt Parson managed to dive through the downstairs window before they went off, Ness was blown off his feet but soon recovered. The wounded Brits in the blast on the left of the picture fared less well and were killed by the blast. Parson was no sooner through the window than he had to exchange fire with the advancing Gott, Gott lost out and fell with a light wound. (note in the illustration we have placed Parson on top of the German soldier in reality they are on different levels and Parson should be shown below the other counter.)

A couple of turns later the Brits secured the house, but outside German reinforcements had arrived.

The British evacuation of the house began. The yellow marks the RAF men. The Germans soon set up a firebase on the far wall and with several Germans still active towards the top of the picture getting anyone out the house was not easy. The scenario rules state that the Germans may not target the pilots until they are within 6 hex areas of their map edge – the top brass want them alive.

Things started to get sticky for the Brits as many of the men were carrying wounds of some kind. The German began to pick up speed with the arrival of the new Corporal, being now able to issue orders. The Airmen made it too the stream and begin crawling back towards friendly lines. The Brits attempted to fall back in stages but the Germans were pressing hard.

The airmen are marked by yellow. The British set up a defensive position in the stream but a daring German soldier rushed past them to the edge of the fallen tree. The other Germans were also probing for an opening.

The Germans rushed the stream defences and a fierce hand-to-hand combat erupted. The German soldier by the fallen tree sprung forward and wounded one of the pilots only to be shot down by desperate British fire. The next turn the pilots reached their friendly map board and the game ended. The second set of German reinforcements had just arrived but was too far away to hinder the exit of the RAF pilots.

British Victory.

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Comment by Ken Dingley on June 30, 2008 at 7:43am

Very nice AAR, mate. Just to let everyone know, Neil Randall will be developing this game. We are expecting great things with this one...
Comment by Ted Torgerson on June 27, 2008 at 2:01pm
Congratulations on finding a publisher for your game. Looks really great.

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