Pulled out this old SPI game after a 30-year hiatus. Interesting system. Sure, it's a little dated but it does an excellent job of presenting the strategic/operational problems facing both sides.

In the game I'm been playing solitaire (seems to be the only way these days), I've played 9 turns and while the Egyptians have made some progress in pushing accross the Suez Canal and even reaching the Milita Pass, it's still pretty much of a stalemate. The Golan Heights has been a see-saw battle with little progress made on either side (it looks like a traffic jam).

The bloodless CRT is a bit strange but it can get bloody if the attacks can be set up properly. The thing that really makes things difficult is that the combat factors are doubled on the defense (and quadrupled when within 2 hexes of a sam battery) and especially in defending against an incursion accross the Suez Canal.

Still an interesting game even after 35 years (it was published in 1973).

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Comment by Adam Lid on July 3, 2008 at 8:55am
So true. Actually, the CRT gets real bloody in the Golan Heights since there isn't a lot of room to manuever and if the Israeli isn't careful, he can find himself losing valuable units.
Comment by Jon Compton on July 3, 2008 at 8:09am
I still think it's one of the better titles on the subject. The bloodless CRT means you have to use maneuver in the desert. Good stuff.

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