One of my other haunts is the BFCGF; you know it don't you?

Well, one of the fine folks there posted a link to a wonderful article by an American across the pond.

Best line;

"John McCain's choice of the moose-shooting Alaskan woman with the pregnant unmarried teen daughter appeals to many redneck and working class Americans." Shuckens, they are even plannin' one them thar shotgun weddins.

No doubt Palin is the ultimate outsider. Her husband seems to be a classic good ole boy.

I could see him appointed to Secretary of the Interior or Defense; maybe both.


The Fear we would get from the rest of the world.

Pissed off Southern /Irish / Scots ancestral types are mighty dangerous folks when all riled up.

Renecktopia is just around the corner - 8 weeks!

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Comment by Bill Wood on September 11, 2008 at 9:09pm
You have to admire her for loyalty to family in the way she handled that trooper - tasering your 10 yr old nephew - a cop DRINKING AND DRIVING on the job?!?! Hunting illegally? He was acting well above the law - why isn't he facing trial for child abuse and a DWI?

I can't believe the Dems defend this guy - he is just what they hate!

Those who opposed the attempted firing should be fired, and indeed, that is what happened.

I've seen many a crooked cop, and we have all heard and read of gross abuse by police and wished someone would do something about it.

She did.

To hell with the critics - supporting that Cop is both hypocritical and dangerous.

Who recalls Bill's TrooperGate, when he used those SOBs to guard him from the scrutiny of his whoring around?
Comment by Jim Werbaneth on September 11, 2008 at 9:07pm
Gawdamn, Aw feel really really bitter! I'm clingin' even tighter to mah 'ligion and gunz.

Things could be worse than having rednecks rule the world. Could airlines be any worse when we travel in flying General Lee cars, driven by a couple of good old boys, instead of overcrowded aging airplanes operated by UseLess Airways? There would be a dog in every yard, a banjo on every porch, and the basic food groups would be sugar, fat, salt and booze. And you know what? It would still taste better than what they fry up in the BBC lunchroom.

It's a good thang that us here inbittered workin' folks don't reed reel good, that way we can't read all the imparshal journeylism on the BBC.
Comment by Mike O'Brien on September 11, 2008 at 8:57pm
The whole redneck thing scares the piss out of the liberal democrats. Now Conservative Democrats, what an oxymoron along with Liberal Republican, have someone to vote for that does what they do, shoot guns/drink beer and have shotgun weddings. Did anyone get a look at the myspace page of the soon to be groom? This is a horny redneck hockey player. It's great to see the Democrats having to be scared because McCain chose a class enemy.
While I have problems with Palin, (the book burning, troopergate thing) it's going to make for an interesting election season. Who doesn't want to get involved?
Comment by Bill Wood on September 11, 2008 at 9:22am
Damn Right!

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