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Since the New year, i have spent more time playing computer games rather than board games. This is something that was not intentional, I just happen to come across my copy of Axis and Allies on my hard drive, and decided once and for all i would play it. And I must admit, I did enjoy it, even though it is simplistic in nature and reminds me of Risk, but with air and sea power added to it, it is a very fun strategy game to play.

After a few games, i thought it would be good to play something with a bit more detail to it, so I decided to have a crack at Hearts of Iron (another game sitting on my hard drive never touched). This was like going from Snakes & Ladders to Chess. It is an amazing game to play, as not only do you have to concern yourself with the war on the battlefield, but also the diplomatic & economic war too. far more involved that what i thought and quite a steep learning curve (for me), but after several hours i have started to get into the swing of things with this game.

But even after getting into the swing of things with HoI, I felt that it was not quite what i was wanting, and decided to look for something else. Then i came across Panzer Campaign Smolensk '41, and this is what I was looking for. A hex based, unit war game with lots of scenarios, lots of tactics and no micro-management. Bliss.

Now, the only down side to this game is the documentation. Four separate word document files for different aspects of the game! Which is okay, but during my learning phase i do find I am constantly flicking between one document and another, which has be a little tedious. But, that aside, it is a good game and well worth a look to anyone who fancies a little bit of a change. They can also do PBEM for those interested.

Has anyone else picked up any computer games lately? If so, what are they and are they any good?



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