Battle Above the Clouds (GCACW) - The Chickamauga campaign recap

This is AAR of "The Chickamauga Campaign". It is one of advanced game scenario of Battle Above the Clouds. My friend "taku" as the Union, I am the Confederate.


Initial setup

Battle Above the Clouds - Setup completed

The Confederate recieved cavalry and Mississippi reinforcement as initial force. Bragg concentrated his force at and around Chattanooga except Walker (at Trenton), Cavalry (at most southwestern fords of the Tennessee), and small unit led by BR Johnson (at Cleveland).

Union sent Crittenden northeast Chattanooga and Thomas and McCook southwest. Both force crossed the Tennessee.

Bragg left Chattanooga

Battle Above the Clouds - Turn 2, Crittenden drove BR Johnson away from Cleveland

Crittenden moved fast and drove BR Johnson from Cleveland. Thomas and McCook moved around Chattanooga and captured Lafayette and Ringgold. Rebels attacks at Missinary Ridge and Cleveland failed.

Bragg decided to retreat from Chattanooga at Turn 7. Confederate made new defence line along White Oak Mountains and built new depot at Dalton.

Longstreet arrives

Battle Above the Clouds - Turn 22, Polk crosses creek northwest Ringgold

Davis and Lee decided to transfer Longstreet and his three(!) divisions to the west. Burnside had been passive around Knoxville and Longstreet arrived the battlefield at Turn 17 via Lynchburg.

Union could have enough time to fortify. Longstreet and Hill's attack against Crittenden was stalemate and Bragg gave up to recapture Lafayette. Line between Chattanooga and Ringgold was focused as main battlefield in this campaign.

Prologue of the final battle

Battle Above the Clouds - Turn 24 ends, arround Chattanooga

Polk breached Union line at creek southwest Ringgold. McCook tried to rescue Ringgold but failed. Rebels recaputred Ringgold. Then Longstreet, Hill, and Forrest started to drive on Chattanooga.

It was Turn 24, and took two days in real life. Both players agreed to quit this game with Union victory. VP summary is following.

50  Hamilton County
35  Bradley County
25  Walker County
15  Dade County
-10  USA Manpower Losses
36  CSA Manpower Losses
-7  USA Supply Losses
4  CSA Supply Losses


148  Union Substantial Victory


The Confederate might recapture Chattanooga if we continue this game. But Yanks might other county until the end of the game. The Confederate force is  too small to keep VP under 90 without suffering big losses on Yanks. So I think Rebels will loose this game anyway.

I could not finish this game but it is very interesting game. I want to play this again. Both players have many options throughout game. Hidden setup is fun, the Union has multiple ways to win, the Confederate can counterattack and raid beyond the Tennessee.

BAC is only available game in GCACW series. There are many players, good short scenarios, and tense campaign scenarios. I hope many wargamers come to the Battlefield around Chattanooga.

"taku", who played the Union, is publishing great AAR on his blog. It is written in Japanese, but I believe you will enjoy if you cant read Japanese (there are many good pictures!!) .


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